Today is Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

February 7th is Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day! If nothing else, this is a day to tread carefully. Don’t wave your fingers in your neighbors’ faces in an annoying and potentially dangerous manner. As tempting as it might be in some cases, this is not, the point of the day.

This day is actually more about building bridges than destroying them. Instead of greeting your neighbors with a cursory nod as you usually do, on this particular day you should give them a cheery wave. Not just any old cheery wave though; a wave that involves all your fingers.

Pianists have an unfair advantage because they have undergone special training. Anyone can do it though. So come on, try it now. Pretend you!re playing the piano, but the keyboard is tipped towards you at 90 degrees and is somewhere to the right of your head. Raise your right hand, and play something tinkly. You’ve got it!


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