iPhone 8 Could Come Out Sooner Than Later

Out with the old, in with the new. You might be able to buy the iPhone 8 sooner than you think. According to the research firm BlueFin Research Partners, the official word could come in June.

But there is a catch (because, of course there is). Traditionally, new iPhones are announced in the fall with release soon after but this time, the announcement is believed to come in later spring with ability to purchase by end of summer.

Judging by leaked prototypes, it's much sleeker with a bigger screen and a newly updated camera shape. Oh, and if you already have the seven, you now know how it feels to be in one day and out the next!

No confirmations yet, but at least Apple is giving us a heads up this time to get our money right (as the 8 could run you upwards of $1k)!

Source: BlueFin


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