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From Tom: I’ve never been in a relationship long enough to hit the “buy sexy underwear” stage. (I once had a girl buy some for herself . . . and my gift was she would wear it). There are several articles with tips for men going “sexy underwear shopping.”

Here are some tips boiled down from some originally written by Alecia Li Morgan on

Here are some pro-tips and work-arounds to get the average guy through a shopping trip at VS with minimal trauma:

Size helps. The easiest way to figure this out is if you have access to her clothing and can just check her bra and panty size. If you can only get one, get the bra size.

Style guide is good. Remember: you're probably going to be looking at them, but SHE is going to be wearing them. If you know she only wears plain cotton everything, buying her a really intricate lacy whatnot is probably not going to be your best bet. We can suggest items that are along those same lines, but maybe a little bit fancier or whatever.

Choose your battleground.

Time - don't go midday on a weekend. Associates are going to be swamped, the store is going to be packed with women (who will shoot you suspicious glances 9 times out of 10), lines will be long, product will be messier, and you're going to want to cut and run before you make it one room in.

Place - a smaller store at a smaller mall may be more enthused to see you (or any customer) and thereby give you extra attention,

Day of the week is also important. You already know no weekends. Tuesdays are good because most of the "new" promotions and new launches begin on Tuesdays. This means likely the newer stuff will be freshly put out and you'll have a higher chance of getting what you want in the size you want.



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