Hannah's Headlines- 2/16/17

Yahoo Has Been Hacked Again

Hackers are using a new favorite trick to hack into Yahoo.

Yahoo users have to deal with another round of hacking. The tech company said in an email yesterday that hackers used forged cookies to log into users' accounts without passwords. A Yahoo spokesperson says experts are investigating the forged cookies, and that Yahoo is in the process of notifying all potentially affected account holders.

The leaked data included email addresses, birth dates and answers to security questions. The company isn’t saying how many people are affected in the third big breach of the site in three years.

It’s good news for Verizon, which plans to buy the struggling site. Each time they get hacked, the selling price goes down.Source: CNBC

The Most Popular Unisex Names In 2017

Unisex names have been popular for a while now, but in 2017 it's never safe to assume that someone by the name of "James," for example, is a boy. Just look at Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter James!

Now that we're in a world where you should never assume gender based on a name, here are the most popular unisex names of the year so far according to Nameberry.

  1. Quincy
  2. Remi
  3. Winter
  4. Ellis
  5. Briar
  6. Indigo
  7. Sage
  8. Sasha
  9. Ray

Source: Nameberry

Today is Do a Grouch a Favor Day

February 16th is Do a Grouch a Favor Day! Have you done a grouch a favor today? If not then it’s likely that no one told you it was ‘Do a Grouch a Favor Day,’ as doing a grouch a favor is what the day is all about. We all know a grouch at some point in our lives, and it is very likely that we’ve had phases of being grouchy ourselves.

Sometimes another person doing us a favor is the last time, but other days a favor from someone (a close friend or a random stranger), is exactly what we need to break us out of our slump.

Of course, there may not be any redemption for the grouchy neighbor who hates your dog, and your mailbox, and the way your lawn mower sounds, and the color of your house and…come on, you get the point. Even if you have that person for a neighbor, doing them a well-meaning favor puts good in the world – and besides, maybe they’re grouchy because no one has ever done something nice for them! You could change everything.

Science Says Corny Pickup Lines Work

Interested in trying out a corny pickup line on someone and seeing if it actually works? You should! A new study, which claims to be the first of its kind, reveals that women prefer metaphorical, creative compliments over the straightforward options like "do you want to go out with me?"

Published in “Scientific Reports, researchers say that compliments like "Hey girl, are your feet tired ‘cause you been running through my mind all day" are more effective than something more literal like "You're beautiful, would you like to go out sometime?"

“Men’s dating success has been found to be correlated with their creativity,” say the eggheads. “Metaphors involve higher cognitive processes and greater activation in key brain language and cognitive processing areas.”

Just do us a favor and don't turn this into catcalling – there’s a line between creativity and just being crazy.

Source: Men's Health

There's A Cup Of Coffee That Costs $18

Brace yourselves! New York City is serving up a really expensive cup of coffee. No, not just a few bucks more than your run of the mill drip coffee, but a cup that costs a cool $18.

Extraction Lab, a specialty coffee house in New York is charging the almost $20 for a cup of coffee that's made from a rare bean that can cost $350 a pound… unroasted. It's also brewed in a machine called a Steampunk that combines brewing methods of a French press, pour-over, and a Chemex. Fancy.

The consistency is rumored to be lighter than your average cup and even borders tasting like tea. No word yet on what the buzz is like. So, drink at your own risk... or just hit up your local coffee shop and skip the frills!

Source: Bustle

Dogs Really Can Tell If Someone Is a Bad Person

Research published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews has shown that dogs are capable of recognizing whether someone is a nice person. More specifically, they can tell whether a person is being horrible to another human.

And they use this information to influence how they then respond to someone, including you if you're the one who's being a bit rude.

To work this out, researchers asked dog owners to act out different scenarios while their pooches watched. The volunteers pretended to struggle at opening a container before asking two researchers to help them. In the first scenario, one researcher stood there passively, while their colleague offered to help. In the second, one researcher remained passive, while the other actively refused to help out.

At the conclusion of both scenarios, both researchers offered the dog in question a treat. And, here's where it gets interesting: In the first scenario, dogs were just as likely to take a treat from both researchers.

But in the second scenario, where one of the researchers had been deliberately mean to their owners, the dogs were significantly more likely to ignore the one who had been unpleasant, shunning their treat.

The scientists concluded that dogs are able to tell if someone is being a nasty piece of work and judge them accordingly.

Link: http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/11/your-dog-knows-youre-a-terrible-person-6441414/


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