There's A Cup Of Coffee That Costs $18

Brace yourselves! New York City is serving up a really expensive cup of coffee. No, not just a few bucks more than your run of the mill drip coffee, but a cup that costs a cool $18.

Extraction Lab, a specialty coffee house in New York is charging the almost $20 for a cup of coffee that's made from a rare bean that can cost $350 a pound… unroasted. It's also brewed in a machine called a Steampunk that combines brewing methods of a French press, pour-over, and a Chemex. Fancy.

The consistency is rumored to be lighter than your average cup and even borders tasting like tea. No word yet on what the buzz is like. So, drink at your own risk... or just hit up your local coffee shop and skip the frills!

Source: Bustle


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