Hannah's Headlines- 2/20/2017

Marriage Is Not Popular Anymore

Marriage rates at their lowest in almost 100 years.

Half of Americans 18 and older were married in 2015, according to a Pew Research Center report. That's down from 72% in 1960. The study also found Americans are staying single longer, with the average age of women getting married for the first time at 27-point-four.

For men it's nearly 30 years old. While marriage rates are declining, there's no slow down in dating. The number of 18 to 24 year olds using online dating sites tripled in the two years from 2013 to 2015.

One statistic that is interesting is 42 million Americans have been married multiple times. That is nearly double the amount from 1980.

The last time marriage rates were this low was back in 1920.Source: Pew Research Center

YouTube Ending 30-Second Advertising Wait, Next Year

YouTube is going to make sure you won't have to wait for a 30-second ad to end before you watch a video. But you'll have to wait until next year.

YouTube has announced that it will end its 30-second pre-roll ad format without a "skip" button.

That change scheduled to start in 2018 won't mean the end of ads before videos. Don’t think you’re getting off scot-free, however. YouTube will continue showing 15- and 20-second ads without a "skip" button.

Source: Engadget

Today is Hoodie Hoo Day

February 20th is Hoodie Hoo Day! Are you sick of winter? You’re not alone – and that’s what this celebration is all about. On this winter day, people go out at noon, wave their hands over their heads and chant "Hoodie-Hoo."

Why? It’s the day to chase away winter blahs, and bring in spring. After all, everyone in the northern hemisphere are sick and tired of winter at this point and a little crazy being cooped up inside all winter and not seeing the sun. So “HOODIE HOO!!!” And if you need a little inspiration – check out the video of some revelers on the right.

Someone Abandoned A Thousand, Day-Old Chicks

Authorities in Crowland, England have a strange crime on their hands. Someone left around a thousand, day-old chicks in the middle of a field. A resident saw the birds and called animal services, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"I have never seen anything like it – it was just a sea of yellow,” RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs says. "And the noise was unbelievable. The chicks are only about a day old and are really tiny and quite delicate."

Luckily, most of the chicks did not appear to be suffering and with the help of locals, the RSPCA put them all into boxes where they could huddle together for warmth. An investigation is ongoing, but it’s believed a third party took the birds from a nearby commercial breeder. The breeder is said to be cooperating with police.

Source: Metro

People Are Tattooing Freckles On Themselves

Some people are taking the phrase "beauty is pain" a bit too literally and tattooing freckles on their face. It's true: Much like micro-blading eyebrows, tattooing freckles onto your face helps achieve a natural sun-kissed look, that's only semi-permanent.

Tattooist Gabrielle Rainbow is a big part of the emerging trend and says that her ideal client is someone "who naturally will get some in the summertime with sun exposure, but want them year-long."

The process costs about $250 and takes just as much time as a small tattoo...and you thought tattooed eyebrows were weird!

Source: Refinery29

Texting Replacing Talking In The Home

It’s not a shock to hear that mobile devices are taking over our lives, and can possibly be to blame for folks talking less and less to each other. Well, it turns out, we are all so tech obsessed that we’re even using our smartphones to communicate with people in our own homes.

A new survey finds that 32% of people admit to sending a text message to someone within their home, while that number increases to 45% for anyone with children.

  • And that’s not the only way mobile devices have become an issue at home. The survey finds that a third of households admit they use their smartphones during meals, while 40% of parents say their kids ignore them at the table because of their devices.
  • Devices are also ruining our sleep, with 25% of adults admitting that at least one member of their household is up too late because of their tech, and 20% sharing that a member of their family just can’t seem to “switch off.”

Source: The Daily Mail

Peeps Oreos Are A Thing

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, stores are starting to put their Easter candy on the shelves, and it seems Oreo has found a way to get in on that action. Turns out, the next limited-edition Oreo flavor is inspired by everyone’s favorite marshmallow treat: Peeps.

The limited-edition Peeps Oreo, which features pink marshmallow Peeps-flavored cream between two vanilla cookies, just turned up on Walmart.com’s website, although they won’t officially be available for purchase until Wednesday.

Peeps-flavored Oreos are just the latest in a line of limited-edition Oreo flavors, with some being successful, like the Peanut Butter Oreo or Gingerbread Oreo, and some not so much, like the Swedish Fish or Candy Corn flavors.

Source: Today

Men with Beards Are Better Boyfriend Material

According to a new study led by Barnaby Dixson and published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, men with beards are better boyfriend and marriage material then clean-shaven men.

The study of bodacious beard straddles the line of masculinity and femininity and, essentially, alters the face shape of a fella; thus rendering him ALL SORTS of attractive because, apparently, women don’t like men too masculine or feminine.

Add to that the idea that facial hair indicates testosterone and testosterone indicates maturity and, according to the study, you've got a recipe for sweet relationship success.

Now you're probably thinking: "OK, sure, I kinda get that. But what about if beneath the bountiful beard lay a jawline so sharp it could cut glass? What a travesty to mask such a thing!" Well, Barnaby's got an answer for that, too.

Men with short stubble well groomed beards were looked at as more short-term boyfriends.

Of 8,520 women asked, a mind-blowing 8,520 women (all of them, then) showed a preference for facial hair when asked to rate men (both with and without facial hair) out of six on attractiveness and on a spectrum of 'relationship longevity'. That's pretty conclusive, non? Guys with bountiful beards were considered more for marriage, while guys with little-to-no scruff were generally considered casual relationship material.

Link: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a8953836/men-beards-better-relationship-science/


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