A Pop-Tarts Restaurant Is Set For NYC

A breakfast favorite is popping up in NYC.

Starting today, Kellogg's is opening what it calls a Pop-Tarts Cafe in New York City. The pop up cafe will serve the toaster-ready breakfast pastries in a variety of ways most people never imagined. For eight to 12 dollars New Yorkers and tourists will be able to chow down on Pop-Tarts pizzas, tacos, burritos, and chili-topped french fries.

Picture this; the nachos are Confetti Cupcake-flavored Pop-Tarts, cut into chips, drizzled with strawberry salsa, dolloped with frosting, sprinkles, and topped with a candle. That’s just the beginning!

The Pop-Tarts Cafe is open from today through Sunday. Source: NY.Eater.com


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