Dating Burnout Is Real And Here’s How You Fix It

Each year when comes out with their Singles in America survey, we get a little insider information about the thoughts and feelings of single people. One takeaway from this year’s numbers: over half of women - 54% - feel dating burnout from searching. And it’s easy to understand how someone could just be over it after spending so much time doing it and not making good connections with people.

Marriage and family therapist David Klow says dating is harder now than ever before. “We are looking for a partner, friend, lover, companion, potential co-parent,” he explains. “Even a co-CEO of a potential family. In previous times, our expectations in love and marriage were much lower.”

So how can you tell if you’re just frustrated with dating or if you’ve crossed into “burnout territory?” Klow says some signs are if you’re cancelling dates last minute, having the same conversations repeatedly with dates, or don’t feel excited to go out with new people anymore. And if you’ve been looking for love for a while and haven’t found someone, you’re more likely to be overwhelmed by the whole process.

And when you realize you’re burned out, Klow says the best thing you can do is take a break. Stop dating and appreciate what you already have in your life instead of focusing on what’s missing. Then he advises going to new places or sites to meet new people to keep it fresh. Or you could make a bucket list of fun stuff you want to do and just invite your date along, so if it’s a dud, at least you had fun doing something you really wanted to try.

Source: Glamour


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