Seven Earth-Size Planets Found In Orbit Around Tiny Star

Is there life “out there?” Maybe – and we’re at least a little closer to finding out. This as NASA confirms the discovery of a record seven Earth-size exoplanets orbiting a tiny star in the constellation Aquarius. The find is giving scientists new hope that life could exist outside our solar system.

Astronomers who detected the planets say they could potentially support water on the surface, depending on several other properties of the planets. Three of the planets are within a – quote – "habitable" zone where life is considered possible. The planetsorbit Trappist-One, a low-mass, cool star some 40 light years away.

But don’t start planning your rocket ship trip just yet. While, in astronomical terms, the system of planets is considered to be “close to us,” they’re not exactly “around the corner. These planets are scientifically known as ‘exoplanets’ because they’re located outside of our solar system. How far away are they? About 235-trillion miles…or about 40 light-years from Earth.

Source: NASA


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