Tattooing your hairline is a thing now.

You’ve probably heard about microblading - the natural-looking tattoos that fill in eyebrows - but did you know you can also have it done to your hairline? It’s big in Korea, where so many beauty trends come from, and for men and women who what to change their hairline, it’s a game-changer.

This procedure is good for anyone who feels their forehead is too big, or who doesn’t like the peaks in their hairline, or for people who want the look of fuller hair. They say hairline microblading can frame the face in a way that eliminates the need for contouring with makeup. And if it’s done correctly, it looks totally natural.

So how does it work? It’s the same as microblading brows, they tattoo one strand at a time onto the hairline. And the ink fades over time, like in the eyebrows, so gradually lightens and fades over time, usually lasting around two years. That’s great news if you don’t love the look.

If you’re considering microblading your hairline, make sure you use a good artist, otherwise it could look unnatural and that’s no good. You also need to avoid direct sunlight, swimming, picking, and don’t use makeup or skincare products on the area for at least 10 days. And if you want to get these results but don’t feel like fully committing to a hairline tattoo just yet, you can always use Hair Shadow for fuller-looking hair that’s temporary.

Source: Byrdie


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