You Can Now Post Photo Albums On Instagram

If you love sharing photos on Instagram, but hate that you have to upload one picture at a time, you’ll be thrilled by the latest improvement the social media site is rolling out. 

A new feature, which should be live around the world in a couple of weeks, will now allow users to upload up to ten photos at once, thereby creating a photo album on the site.  It works just like uploading one photo, only now you’ll have the option of a “select multiple” icon, which then lets you choose more than one pic. 

The new feature will still allow users to add filters, and they can also rearrange the photos to their liking simply by dragging them to the correct location. Those looking at the photos will easily be able to scroll through an album simply by swiping, which makes the function similar to a Facebook photo album.

Instagram hopes the new feature will make it “easier to share your experiences with friends,” although it already has some critics.  A tech editor for Mashable noted the albums “are destined to turn Instagram into a place where tedious photo sets from vacations, bar mitzvahs and holiday parties are interspersed with the images users actually want to see." 

Source: Mashable 


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