Girl Scout cookie donuts are a thing

If you have a sweet tooth, get ready to put it to good use this weekend because Girl Scout Cookies are officially here. Doughnut shop Broad Street Dough Co. has been transforming the cookies to donuts and serving them up for everyone who wants a little bit of both worlds.

Cookies + donuts = ultimate happiness, right? The donut shop is located in Oakhurst, New Jersey, and they make a Samoas donut, Thin Mints donut, and a Tagalongs donut!

You might be thinking, "Okay so how much like the real thing do these donuts taste?" Answer: everything! The donuts aren't just topped with cookie crumbles. They actually taste like the cookies.

These won't be around forever, though. According to Cosmo, Desdemona Dalia — owner of the shop —says she buys a couple thousand boxes of cookies at the beginning of the year and the haul usually lasts until July.


Source: Cosmo


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