Google Is Trying To get Rid Of Internet Trolls

Google joins the ranks of Facebook and Twitter in trying to figure out how to solve the problem of Internet trolls. You know, those people hiding behind accounts with eggs for profile pictures who usually have nothing good to say.

Created by Jigsaw, this program will monitor conversations in the comment sections of your favorite publishers and will actively ask Internet users to rate comments on a scale of "very toxic" to "very healthy." In other words, you'll be able to finally report and filter comments in real time. You'll be able to filter the comments in any given forum by sliding a bar to reveal what level of "toxicity" you want to see.

So no, toxic comments won't be deleted. Instead, you just get to filter what you want to see. “New York Times,” “The Guardian,” and “The Economist” are just three publishers who are already using the tool.

Here’s to not letting trolls get you down.

Source: Mashable


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