Google's 'Nope' Will Let You Escape Work Convos

We've all been there: trapped in your cubicle by that coworker who apparently lives to distract you.

However, once again, Google has come to the rescue. A new extension to Google Chrome allows you to send those co-workers on their way, because it will ring your cell with a fake call. 

Not only will Nope will ring your phone with a click, but a male voice on the other end will coach you as to how to politely get the Chatty Cathy to vamoose. 

"OK. Fake some laughter, roll your eyes, and shrug at them with a smile," the voice instructs, as if you're speaking to a friend. "[Co-worker] Still looking? Fine. Repeat these words after me: 'Yes, of course I can talk now. What’s the matter?"

That should make the yakker scatter.

The service was developed by office-space renting company Breather. 

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