The Best Country In The World Is…

Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s the best country in the world? Well, thanks to a new ranking of the Best Countries  by the “U.S. News & World Report,” we now know the answer.

So, which country is the best? Well, the report hands Switzerland the top spot, mostly because of its progressive social systems, their record on protecting human rights, and their business-friendly environment.

And while most Americans would likely expect the United States to be on top of the list, or at least fairly high up there, it actually doesn’t even rank in the Top Five. After landing at number four last year, the U.S. drops to number seven for a variety of reasons - dropping in categories like citizenship, transparency, education and more. The one place it does remain number one, however, is on the “Most Powerful” list, with Russia and China right behind them.

Top Ten Best Countries In The World

  1. Switzerland
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Germany
  5. Japan
  6. Sweden
  7. United States
  8. Australia
  9. France
  10. Norway
  • ONE MORE THING! If you’re thinking the presidential election may have played a role in the rankings, it is distinctly possible. Of those surveyed, 75% say they lost some respect for U.S. leadership after the election. The survey also finds that global support in our election was behind Hillary Clinton, with the Democratic candidate getting 60% of the global vote. As for where President Trump did the best, well, that would be in Russia, where he would have received 83% of the vote.

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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