Eating With Friends Can Keep You From Losing Weight

Lots of us struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. And research has shown that there’s more to it than just diet and exercise. Things like genetics, how much sleep you get, and even some medications can affect weight. But it turns out where we eat makes a difference too. Now, new research shows we’re more tempted to overeat when we’re eating with people in a social setting.

The study followed 150 people who were trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss for a year and the results show that when they were eating with other people, participants had a 60% chance of a “diet lapse.” And when they were at a restaurant, they also had a 60% chance of overeating.

Participants were also more likely to fall off the diet wagon when they saw other people eating. And the place they had the best chance of success was at home alone - but even then they still cheated on their diets almost 50% of the time.

Since no one wants to eat at home alone all the time, how can we stick to a weight loss plan and still stay social and eat out? Bariatric surgery dietitian Nina Crowley suggests not thinking of your diet as something you’re either on or off. And not deciding your diet is “blown” just because you indulge a little once. She also advises checking out the menu online before you go to the restaurant so you have time to make healthy choices and stick to them.

Source: CBS News

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