There’s A Secret Tinder For The Rich And Famous

If you use Tinder, you’ve may have fantasized about finding a date who’s wealthy, famous, or some kind of A-lister, but it seems that possibility has gotten even smaller. Turns out, there’s a secret version of the dating app called Tinder Select and it’s not for regular people like us.

This VIP section has been created for celebs, CEOs and supermodels and just like in real life, it’s pretty hard for average folks to get past those velvet ropes. To join Tinder Select, you have to be invited by Tinder or nominated by an existing member – and they get a limited number of invites.

Because the dating platform is keeping quiet on the whole Select part, it’s a little unclear how they decide who gets to join and who doesn’t. But according to one source, it’s “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.” So users with a really high rating can keep their fingers crossed they’ll get in, but everyone else shouldn’t hold out much hope.

Aside from the exclusive membership and new design that features a blue ‘S’ logo instead of the plain old Tinder’s orange flame, we don’t know much about Tinder Select. But that’s probably just the way their high-profile users want it. After all, keeping it secret only makes it that much more intriguing to the rest of us.

Source: TechCrunch

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