Hannah's Headlines- 3/15/2017

State Department Warns Against Travel To Popular Spring Break Destinations

The State Department has a warning for college students getting ready to head south of the border for Spring Break: be very careful – or just go somewhere else. The travel warning cautions Americans about the risk of traveling to over a dozen Mexican States, including the homes of popular vacation destinations like Acapulco, the northern Baja Peninsula, Puerto Vallarta and Rocky Point.

The agency warns that Americans have been killed, kidnapped, carjacked and robbed in some Mexican States. However, the State Department says there's no evidence that Americans have been targeted because of their nationality...just noting that travelers ought to stay on guard.

  • No matter where you're traveling, here's a checklist the State Department would like you to check out their 'Travelers Checklist.' CLICK HERE.

Source: Fox News

Cheerios Makes A Statement By Ditching The Bee

If you’ve noticed the BuzzBee mascot missing from your box of Honey Nut Cheerios, you probably wondered where that familiar little guy went. It turns out, the folks at General Mills removed the bee from the box to raise awareness of the “endangered pollinators.”

In case you didn’t know, back in 2015, 42% of the bee colonies in the U.S. collapsed! And because over 30% of General Mills ingredients depend on pollination, the cereal company is doing something to help “bring back the bees.” They’re encouraging us to order wildflower seeds for bees to feast on - for free - to help them reach their goal to plant 100-million seeds. Pretty cool, right?

Want to plant some wildflowers to help save the bees? Find out how to order your wildflower seeds here.


Wildest Secrets That Have Come To Light During A Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy - ending a relationship you thought would be lifelong with some complicated legal proceedings is tough. But sometimes in divorces, secrets are uncovered, making everything more complex. A recent Reddit thread asked divorce lawyers about the best kept secrets they discovered about their clients and here are some of the most shocking answers.

Hidden property - Like a lot of it! One attorney in a high stakes divorce says the husband managed to hide two apartment complex, an ocean-front penthouse in an expensive city, and an offshore oil rig, all without the wife knowing.

Goat porn - Divorce lawyers may feel like they’ve seen and heard it all before - affairs, debt, substance abuse, and porn. But one had a client who was into some not “mainstream” porn - when pressed for more info, he admitted being “into goats!”

A multi-million dollar fortune - A divorcing husband in Australia actually hid $10+ million by making an overpayment to the tax office and having it refunded six months later, according to his divorce attorney.

A fake engagement ring - One divorce lawyer’s client was worried his wife wouldn’t return her engagement ring, so he swapped it for a fake one! That worked for him until they reconciled - no word on if she ever found out about it.

A secret second (and third!) family - This one is actually unbelievable! An East coast hubby with an income of $1.5-million cheated on his wife 10 times. Close to the end of the divorce process, it came out that he had another family in Seattle, a different name, and another $14-million salary, with stock options in the second identity worth $214 million! They figured it out thanks to Facebook photos, but the guy fled the U.S. and went to the Czech Republic - where he had a third family waiting! What a scumbag.

A love of crossdressing - One lawyer had a client who thought her hubby was having an affair, but he was actually stealing her undergarments to wear himself! Yikes.

Source: Redbook

Japanese Company Offers Fake Friends to Make You Look Popular on Facebook

Keeping up appearances on social media is apparently very important to a lot of people, and Japanese company Family Romance is committed to helping its clients do just that. Whether they are looking to show co-workers that they are much more fun to be around than they appear to be at the office, or trying to impress a special someone with their active social life, the company’s Real Appeal service aims to help them succeed, by providing some fake friends for impressive photo shoots.

Depending on what goal Family Romance clients are trying to achieve, they can request fake friends of a certain age, gender or sporting certain physical traits, and make their final selection from a series of employee photos available on the company website. You can book as many fake friends as you need, as long as you agree to do it for a minimum of two hours and pay a fee of 8,000 yen ($71) per fake friend, plus whatever other expenses your photo-opp incurs (travel, hotel stays, drinks, etc.).

But Real Appeal is just the latest in a variety of services offered by Family Romance. You can also hire actors to play your parents, your husband, and even your children, for just 20,000 yen ($175) per person, or book a whole crowd of people to attend your wedding ceremony and make you look popular in front of the few real friends and family that show up for free. You can even hire someone to apologize on your behalf. Whatever your need to create the appearance of a great life, Family Romance can apparently make it happen.

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/japanese-company-offers-fake-friends-to-make-you-look-popular-on-facebook.html

Airline Giving Free Upgrades To Nice People

Monarch Airlines wants to reward you for being nice. The British company is now giving bonuses to polite customers, including free upgrades and priority check-in. 

Customer service staff for the airlines are allowed to give a certain amount of free perks for week as part of a campaign to promote "traditional values of chivalry, courtesy and respect." 

"Our customer services staff are already nice – now they can reward those who are positively nice to them too," Monarch bigwig Nils Christy explains. “Everyone benefits from niceness. Planes depart more punctually, staff and customers are happier and it improves the traveling experience for everyone.” 

Source: Mirror


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