Kylie Jenner's Cinnamon Donut Waffle Hack Is Genius

Could Kylie Jenner's next venture be cooking? Okay, not exactly, but Kylie does have a cinnamon bun waffle hack that's to die for. Instead of making a dough and cooking it on a pan, Kylie does something way easier. All you need is cinnamon rolls and a waffle iron.

The next step? Place the cinnamon roll in the waffle maker and press down. Let is cook for three minutes, remove, and slather with icing. That's it...LITERALLY. Another tip From Kylie? "You could put more than one roll in at a time,” she explains. “But just keep in mind they'll probably cook together into one giant waffle—which might be a good thing.”

If Kendall's Instagram is any indication, this waffle hack is nothing new. Kendall Instagrammed the famous waffles back in 2014. Maybe Kylie should consider making a lipkit with this flavor on it, too. Just an idea.

Source: Cosmo

What are you "weird" food hacks? The odd food combos that when you describe it to people, they give you a funny look...but when they try it, they eyes have been opened.

Mine: Cream cheese on saltines. Oreos dipped in peanut butter

Sister's: PB pickle sandwich

Other sister's: Kit Kats dipped in peanut butter

(our family might have a PB problem.)

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