Chippewa Valley "Best of Craigslist"

Pampered chef - m4w (Menomonie)


Long shot.

Egg slicer. 

Need I say more?!😉

I appreciate the gesture!

Drove you home from Erbs - m4w (Gave you a sober ride home)

You came into Erbs with a group of friends... But they ditched you when you were in the bathroom. You were very drunk so I gave you a ride home. I truly was not trying to make a move on you.When you came be a long while later... I was startled to notice how intensely gorgeous you are... It caught me off guard... and once again... I didn't make a move on you. I've been kicking myself ever since. If interested, then give me a sign next time you come in... I won't pursue if you do not. Or we could just get coffee... I'd love to know you.

Showed you the apartment.... - m4w (eau claire)

I'm the guy that showed you the apartment...And I thought you were pretty nice too! Your email reply is bouncing back to I'll answer here...I was going to volunteer my services to give you a massage, I have a table and oil's....I'm a bit rusty at giving them BUT if yer patient with me, I'm sure it'll turn out OK. I enjoy giving massages to females, just for the practice, and no cost at all. But so few women even are interested in getting one. I don't understand why...I'd have soft music, warm room, scented oils, you'd be relaxed in a very short time.HMU if interested......I sure am.....

Dollar Store - m4w (chippewa) 

March 1st dollar store chippewa by Gordy's time 1:15 about that time i said to you you really have cool thanked me

Barron Kwik Trip putting oil in van - m4w (Barron KT) 

Honestly i dont expect much out of this but i just wanted to let the girl putting oil in her van you were absolutely beautiful. We saw each other at the check out and you just smiled. I honestly wanted to help or atleast offer funnel but figured that was too cliche. But that smile and the way you held yourself to do that was amazing. I know you probly never see but. Great work and stay gorgeous.

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