Hannah's Headlines- 3/20/17

UN Releases Their World Happiness Report-While a new country takes the top spot, the U.S. is dropping in happiest factors.

Norway is the happiest country in the world. The country unseated Denmark in the top spot in the ranking that was calculated on social happiness factors including levels of caring, freedom to make life decisions, generosity, good governance, honesty, health and income.

Besides the list, other information was gathered during the survey. Some notable finds include:

  • In wealthier Western countries, mental health was considered a more important determinant in personal happiness than income, employment or physical health.
  • Happiness is falling in America, thanks primarily to a drop in four key indicators -- access to social support, a sense of reduced personal freedom, lower donations, and a perceived increase in corruption.
  • Unemployment, or the quality of work they have, is a major factor in people’s happiness.

The U.S. doesn’t show up in the top 10. Last year we were 13, but have backslid to 14 this time.

  1. NorwayDenmark3. Iceland4. Switzerland5. Finland6. Netherlands7. Canada8. New Zealand9. Australia10. Sweden

Source: CBS News

Ugg Sandals Are Here And They're Furry

Uggs are usually thought of as a winter-only kind of boot, but their new products might make you reconsider. Ugg Australia is launching a sandal. You know, the "slides" with the furry tops that everyone is wearing? Ugg has made their very own.

They're just the latest brand to hop on the slide bandwagon just like Fenty Puma, Givenchy, Brother Vellies. Ugg lets you pick from baby blue, black, and dove gray with different colored rubber soles to match.

The sandal is a limited edition item though, so if you want it, you’ll need to act sooner than later.

Source: Seventeen

Today is the first day of spring, International Day of Happiness, and Snowman Burning Day, Proposal Day, Extraterrestrial Abductions Day and National Ravioli Day.

People Flip When Mom Tries To Crowdfund Disney Vacay

When Nikki Smith decided she wanted to take her daughters to DIsney World, like many of us, she wasn’t sure how she could afford it. She lives in the UK, so to bring her 12 and 10-year-old girls overseas to the theme park would be pretty expensive. So Smith decided to try to crowdfund her family vacation and set up a GoFundMe campaign for the trip. And people were not happy.

Smith wanted to raise $8,000 for her Magic Kingdom vacay, through donations, but even though her plea was shared over 18,000 times on Facebook, she had only gotten $18 in donations. And people were really critical about her request for money to take a trip with her kids. So when her story made headlines, she deleted it.

But now she’s relaunched the GoFundMe page and has raised about $650 so far. It’s all a little confusing, because the mom first said it was a “bad idea.” But she’s defended herself, saying the “the press have made me out to be an awful person,” but that she was only thinking of her kids and making them happy.

“I’m traumatized by the abuse and negativity I have received and only put this back up because a lot of people said I should,” Smith explains. “Online trolls are evil, I haven’t hurt anyone and I was only trying to fulfill my children’s dreams.” She explains that if she saved up on her own for the trip, the girls would be too old to enjoy it by the time she had enough.

Source: Mamamia

San Diego Brewery Makes Beer From Treated Sewage Water, Would You Try It?

San Diego’s Stone Brewing, the nation’s ninth-largest brewery, has unveiled a beer made with treated sewage water. The recycled-water pale ale is called Full Circle. Stone made five barrels of the beer using water treated at the city’s Pure Water demonstration plant, according to the Times of San Diego. San Diego officials hope to purify enough recycled water by 2035 to handle one-third of the city’s drinking water supply.

  • I’m sorry but I would never try this no matter how drunk I was. Would you taste a beer made from recycled water sewage?

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/stone-brewing-toilet-to-tap_us_58cc60c7e4b0be71dcf4fc2f?section=us_weird-news

Woman's Hair Measures 90-Inches-Long

Aliia Nasyrova is a real life Rapunzel. The woman from Riga, Latvia has been growing out her hair from 20 years and it's officially reached 90-inches-long. 

As you might imagine, having a mane that long is not exactly easy. The 4.5-pounds of hair takes an entire day to air dry and an hour to brush through. It even takes up it's own space in the bed, which isn't always easy for Aliia's hubby, Ivan Balaban

“I am always cuddling up the wall to give more space for hair, so there is no way I can damage it accidentally, mix them up or harm it any other way," Ivan explains, adding that he sees his wife's hair as another family member. “I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit."

Source: Barcroft 

First Day of Spring Brings Free DQ!

It may not feel like it everywhere in the country, but Spring has sprung (astronomically, at least) and Dairy Queen has found a fun way to celebrate. Anyone that hits a local DQ – as long as it’s not in a mall – you’ll score a free small vanilla soft-serve cone with the signature curl on the top (one per person). Want it dipped in chocolate? You can, but it’ll cost you $1 – and it’s worth it, but more on that in a minute.

Dubbed "Free Cone Day" by Dairy Queen, the company has something more than giving away product on their minds: they use this day to collect donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. So if you feel inspired by the cause, you can drop off your donation before picking up your cone OR donate when you get your cone dipped! To find out how you can donate to Children’s Miracle Network facilities, CLICK HERE and in the meantime, go get your cone on!

Source: PopSugar

Guys Would You Feel Comfortable With Your Girlfriend Proposing To You?

I’m asking because a woman in Canada proposed to her boyfriend with a bouquet of Doritos during an NHL hockey game. The Vancouver Canucks‏ shared a video of the proposal that began when Amanda Mussio's boyfriend, Brandon Haubrich, was selected "at random" to participate in the stadium's "Puck Shuffle." Haubrich selected one of three hockey pucks on a screen in the arena to reveal a message that read, "Will you marry me?" He initially didn't realize what the message was about, believing he had won a "mystery prize," but soon turned to find Mussio on one knee holding a bouquet of Doritos "roses."

  • I think this is great but I don’t know how comfortable I’d be if my wife had proposed to me and I don’t know why I feel that way.
  • What food would you like to be proposed to with? I’d take a pizza!

Link: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/03/17/Woman-proposes-with-bouquet-of-Doritos

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