Guy Fights A Croc To Impress A Girl [WATCH]

After a British backpacker, Lee De Paauw,  jumped into a crocodile infested waters to impress a girl, he still claims he's still head over heels.

Lee almost had his armed ripped off by a crocodile after jumping into infested waters in Innisfail around 2.30am on Sunday in an attempt to win over a tourist Sophie Paterson.

Lee survived by punching the huge reptile in the face after it sunk its jaws into his arm and tried to drown him in a 'death roll'. 

Despite his questionable decisions, Paterson was not impressed, telling her admirer: 

'Being attacked by animals doesn’t really do it for me.'

But that hasn't stopped Mr De Paauw, who told 9News he's still smitten with Miss Paterson.  

You have to see the whole video below!

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