Hannah's Headlines- 3/21/2017

Getting Paid to Sleep is a Thing in China

This could literally be everyone's "dream job" and the only position where sleeping on the job will not be a problem.

A company in Shanghai is making headlines for what is perhaps the most coveted job position in the world: a professional sleeper. A manufacturer of dietary supplements in mainland China is looking to pay a salary of 100,000RMB (USD14,400) yearly to their professional sleepers.

Successful candidates will test the supplements and provide a comprehensive report on its effects. However, it's not just all snoozing. The professional sleepers will have to put themselves in different sleeping patterns mirroring people of different occupations.

For instance, a software programmer's sleep pattern is erratic and vastly different to those working a normal day job, as well as people on night shifts. After adapting to different people's sleep pattern, the professional sleepers will produce a report that includes the quality of sleep, feedback, and suggestions.

The job does not require any past experiences, but a "love for sleep" is needed (who doesn't love sleep?). People from different job industries can apply.

Getting paid to sleep is slowly becoming famous as it carves a niche in the job field. In the US, hospitals, research facilities, and even NASA, hire professional sleepers for studies, with annual payouts reaching as high as USD300,000.

Link: http://www.chinatopix.com/articles/112544/20170319/getting-paid-to-sleep-is-a-thing-in-china.htm

EBay Unveils Guaranteed Delivery, Free Shipping

EBay is joining its competitors with guarantees for its deliveries this summer. The e-commerce giant today said its shopping platform will guarantee three-day delivery in the U.S. on certain items.

The company said that many of the 20-million eligible items will also come with free shipping, and shoppers can filter items by one- and two-day delivery. The company will compete with Walmart, which announced free two-day shopping earlier this year, Amazon' Prime product, and Target, and others.

Competition aside, the company says this move is all about customers In a statement, they offer: "Today's shoppers expect fast delivery and want to know exactly when their purchases will arrive.”

Source: CNBC

Today is World Forestry Day

March 21st is World Forestry Day! This global celebration offers a platform to raise awareness of the importance of all types of forests and trees. Why should we care? Among other things, forests cover one third of the Earth's landmass, performing vital functions – such as acting as the Earth’s “air conditioner.” Trees rid the air of excess carbon dioxide and other pollutants and they also filter water, trap particles to make soil and help regulate climate patterns around the world.

And get this – there are approximately 1.6-billion people (including more than 2,000 indigenous cultures) that depend on forests for their livelihood.

Home to more than 80% of the terrestrial species of animals, plants and insects, forests also give shelter, jobs and security for some communities. Here’s the thing – in spite of how dependent our planet is on these marvelous ecosystems, the United Nations reports that global deforestation continues at an alarming rate of 13-million hectares of forest every year. And it’s not like people are replanting at a similar rate. In fact, those worried about climate change should consider that this deforestation accounts for between 12- to 20-percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the condition.

Source: United Nations

Today is National French Bread Day

March 21st is National French Bread Day! French bread, also known as baguettes, are long crust loafs with thin, oval shapes. They were invented in the 1920s, after workers were banned from starting their shifts before 4am. Bakers found it difficult to have fresh bread ready in the morning, and they had to come up with something. Finally, they discovered the fast-baking baguette. This is a remarkably lucky turn of events, especially when you consider that the last time people were in need of quick-baking bread (the ancient Israelites having to leave Egypt) they came up with Matzo.

Today is Credit Card Reduction Day

March 21st is Credit Card Reduction Day! Let’s be real - credit card debt can have devastating affect on our lives. Not managing it properly, can keep us from buying the house of our dreams, or a new car. It restricts our ability to make other purchases. And don’t get us started on the stress it often adds to our lives.

And here’s the trick – if you only pay the minimum amount due each month, the “forever” it seems to take to pay the thing off is no accident. Credit card companies are hoping that’s exactly what you’ll do.

That’s what today’s “celebration” is about – not the stress, but beginning to do something about reducing your credit card debt. You don't need to pay off everything today, but if you can, DO! If you’re like most people, however, this is a great day to begin whittling away at the balance. This will increase your personal wealth, and more importantly, improve your quality of life.

Facial Scanners Installed in Beijing Public Toilets to Combat Toilet Paper Theft

To combat the rampant toilet paper theft in public toilets, local authorities in Beijing, China, have begun installing high-tech facial scanners that prevent users from taking any more toilet paper if they show up again within a certain period of time.

The public toilets at the Temple of Heaven, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Chinese capital, used to be a hotbed of toilet paper theft. Sick of wasting huge amount of money on thousands of rolls of paper every month, local authorities recently replaced the old dispensers with high-tech ones with incorporated facial scanning technology. Now, to receive a 60-cm-long sheet of toilet paper, users must stand in front of the machine to have their face scanned and stored in a temporary database. If they return in less than nine minutes from their previous visit, the machine will remember them and will not dispense any more toilet paper.

This new system aims to cut long-term costs by allocating a reasonable number of toilet paper sheets to every visitor. The move is believe to have been prompted by a journalistic investigation by the Beijing Evening News, which revealed that many visitors at the Temple of Heaven visited the four-star public toilets there multiple times just to steal as much toilet paper as they could carry.

The facial-scanning toilet dispensers have been installed as a two-week trial. If the response of the public is negative, they will be taken down, but if the people have no problem with having their faces scanned every time they use the toilet, and they prove effective, the new technology could find its way to other toilets around Beijing, and even other Chinese cities.

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/funny/facial-scanners-installed-in-beijing-public-toilets-to-combat-toilet-paper-theft.html

KitchenAid Being Accused Of Sexism For Pink Appliance Line

These days hardly a day goes by when someone isn’t outraged over something they see as some sort of insult or slight. Well, the latest thing to spark outrage is kitchen mixers.

That’s right, in case you missed it, folks are furious at KitchenAid over a range of pink appliances that are being marketed specifically towards women. An ad for the products features the tag line “KitchenAid for Women,” sparking someone named Hazel Davis to call it out as "#everydaysexism.” 

And she isn’t the only one furious over the pink appliances, which, incidentally, are part of a limited edition line to raise money for a UK breast cancer charity. Some have called the ad “patronizing,” while others have said they are “disappointed” in the company, while another added, "I sort of like how this implies that kitchen supplies are typically for men.”

KitchenAid defended themselves, noting, “This color edition to support @BreastCancerHaven in the UK. Pink as a symbol of hope. It raises awareness to find a cure!” They did however take down the ad and apologize for offending folks. A spokesperson for the company said, "Our intention was to highlight the Cook for the Cure program, which gives people with a passion for cooking a way to support a meaningful cause.”

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

Source: Mashable

Barber Uses Fire To Cut People's Hair

Ramadan Adwan is one creative barber. His shop is in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip and in order to combat the frequent power outages, Adwan uses fire instead of a dryer. 

After the initial wash and cut, Adwan applies "special" lotion and powder to client's heads to protect their skin, then brings out what looks like a small blowtorch to dry and trim the hair.

Adwan's signaure style is starting to spread across the region, but he warns it takes a certain skill level that not all his imitators have. 

Source: Associated Press

Now You Can Try On Wedding Dresses At Home

After her beloved pops the question, most brides-to-be are excited to start wedding dress shopping. But snooty shop owners and endless appointments to try on gowns can make the whole process stressful. So Floravere, the “first direct-to-consumer” bridal boutique wants to change all that by bringing the dresses right to your house.

Think of it as the Warby Parker of wedding dresses. All you do is browse their collection online and choose the gowns you want to try on, and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep within three to seven days. They charge $25 per dress, but if you buy one, it’s refundable. Then you can invite your squad over for some bubbly and let the fashion show begin, all without the pushy salespeople.

When you’re done with them, you just return the samples using the handy prepaid shipping label. And if you found something you like, head back to the site to customize your dress. You can adjust everything from the train length to the sleeve length. And you’ll get it in three to four months, much shorter than the six to nine you’ll wait for a couture gown.

The wedding dresses at Floravere are all made by people who worked at designers like Dior and Zac Posen, so you can still get the designer dress you’ve dreamed of. And they’re more affordable than many bridal boutiques, they don’t sell any gowns over $4000. Plus you get to check them out in the comfort of your own home!

Source: PureWow

A Serial Dine-And-Dasher Keeps Leaving Blind Dates with the Dinner Bill in LA

A lot of women in LA are now familiar with the man who eats a bunch of steak, says he's going to the bathroom, and then ghosts.

The worst man on earth has been identified and—don't jump to conclusions—he does not currently hold public office. This dude is a serial dine-and-dasher, but to make matters worse, he continually leaves his blind dates, who he typically meets on apps such as Bumble, at the table.

Yes, he's alleged to be handsome, and, yes, his online dating profile is evidently compelling enough to land him plenty of dates. And he has highfalutin tastes too, preferring to order steak, shrimp, and a nice glass of pinot. Several women in the LA area tell CBS 2 Los Angeles that he ditched them at the table, claiming that he had to make a call.

This horror of a man goes by the name of Paul or Dave Gonzales.

Link: https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article/a-serial-dine-and-dasher-keeps-leaving-blind-dates-with-the-dinner-bill-in-la?utm_source=vicefbuk

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