Hannah's Headlines- 3/22/2017

Woman Finds A Diamond In Her Egg

Sally Thomson found some bling in her breakfast. The English woman had bitten in to a hardboiled egg when she felt something hard. To her shock, a small diamond had fallen onto her plate. 

It's believed the chicken that laid the egg had eaten the gem. What's more surprising, 39-year-old Thomson had the ritzy breakfast the week before her bachelorette party and just a few months before her wedding. 

Source: Mirror

Coming Soon: “Monopoly The Musical”

Broadway is about to get the first of several (?) board game productions.

Yes, the trend of reworking the old into new will see the board game Monopoly become….a musical! Hasbro is going all in and hired “go to” theater guy Rick Elice to write the book.

If you’re wondering what it will be about, sources say the musical is a screwball comedy set in Atlantic City during the Depression. One of the main characters is Charles Darrow, who’s credited with inventing the game.

Source: New York Post

Apple Going Red For iPhone; Launches Cheaper iPad

Apple is introducing a new tool to help in the global fight against AIDS. The company has announced it will offer a special edition red aluminum iPhone Seven and iPhone Seven-Plus as part of its decade-long RED campaign. Proceeds will contribute to the Global Fund to fight AIDS and the phones will start at 749-dollars. They will be available Friday.

Apple also announced a new version of its nine-point-seven-inch iPad for 329-dollars. It will have a brighter display, Touch ID, worldwide LTE support, an A-Nine chip and iOS-Ten.

Source: Apple

*LIST* Crazy Things People Do When They Are Bored At Work

Even someone who loves their job can get a little bored at the office. And when that happens there’s just no way to concentrate on actually doing your job.

While some folks may try and just work through the boredom and do their job like a good employee, there are others that find unique, and often funny, ways to pass the time. And thanks to a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app, we now know what some of those things are.

Funny ways people fight boredom at work include:

  • “I buy a pack of gummy bears and stick pretzels and have a war, no survivors.”
  • “Locking myself in the bathroom and watch Netflix.”
  • “I throw erasers and paper clips over my cubicle walls at my co-workers…they all do the same thing.”
  • “When I’m bored at work I print out blank maps of the world or the U.S. and see if I can name all the countries or states.”
  • “Race the cockroaches from cubicle to cubicle. I won $20 on my roach last week.”
  • “I used to get under my desk and periodically practice the earthquake drill.”
  • “We play tennis with scrunched up paper and electric fans to make the paper float across the offices.”
  • “Light different plastic things on fire and see how long they take to burn.”
  • “I add weird hashtags to all our web articles. #pickelball.”
  • “My coworkers and I lock each other in the walk in freezer and shut off the lights.”
  • “I’m a drive through cashier and sometimes I’ll talk to the customer in a random accent. British, Australian, Indian, New Jersey. I change it up. Their reactions are great.”
  • “Search gay porn on all the guys computers and leave Web explorer open.”
  • “Our president was an OCD neat freak. He had a glass desk so we would make tons of fingerprints. We watched him windex it and laugh. Thought it was the cleaning people.

Source: Whisper 

Apple's New Release Will Change Everything

Want to seem cool online, but don't think you have the tools to do it? No problem! Apple is rolling out a new app that's going to allow you to post cool-looking videos in no time and it's absolutely free.

The new app will be available next month for download. It's called Clips and it'll bridge the gap between iMovie, and the memories you have in your camera roll. The app will let you put cool filters and music behind videos, arrange them in the order you want, and upload to Facebook, Instagram, and send them as texts!

No word on what date this gets released, but keep your eyes open for a rollout in next month!

Source: Refinery29

Video Game Study Suggests People Will Remain Calm as the World Ends

Many assume the world will end in chaos, a complete breakdown of the social order. The results of a new video game study suggest otherwise.

Participants in a role-playing video game study engaged in acts of cooperation and assistance as their virtual world came to an end. Analysis of the virtual actions of 80,000 participants playing ArcheAge showed acts of violence were relatively rare.

"We realize that, because this is a video game, the true consequences of the world ending are purely virtual," Ahreum Kang, postdoctoral researcher at University of Buffalo, said in a news release. "That being said, our dataset represents about as close as we can get to an actual end-of-the-world scenario."

Computer scientists surveyed 275 million virtual actions executed by ArcheAge players. The researchers organized the actions into 11 categories. Each category was classified as either prosocial or antisocial.

All of the study participants knew their actions in the game were being monitored and the virtual world would come to an end after 11 weeks. In the world's waning days, scientists did measure an uptick in antisocial, violent behavior, but the actions were isolated to a small minority of participants. The majority of players executed prosocial actions, partying or building houses.

Researchers shared the results at this week's International World Wide Web Conference.

Link: http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2017/03/20/Video-game-study-suggests-people-will

Funeral Stopped After Body Mix Up Discovered

As if losing a family member isn't enough of a shock, imagine finding out the funeral home had mixed up the bodies? That's what happened to a family in Austria when they noticed the wrong body was about to be cremated. 

It turns out their loved one had been buried three days early in the wrong plot. Apparently, funeral home staff "had not taken proper notice of the toe tags." Oops.

In the end, the apologetic funeral home dug up the coffin that had been buried up and the men were switched and laid to rest in their rightful places. 

Source: The Local 

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