"Single Tasking" challenges

  • Eat breakfast without reading a book / newspaper / going online / checking your phone
  • When you drive or take public transport - simply sit and observe. You don't always need to be distracted by a book or by music.
  • Watch a movie from start to finish without doing other things. I am so guilty of this - I would put a movie on and have it playing in the background when I am doing something else.
  • Listen to an album all the way through without doing something else.
  • Connect with the people you speak to - don't think about what you need to say next, just listen and react to what needs to come through.
  • Carry around a notebook and write things down should you feel like you will get distracted.
  • Start your day with some mindful morning rituals. Do these one at a time.
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes and divide your tasks into 20 minute intervals. Some tasks might take longer, but this method, called the Pomodoro method works really well to help you focus.
  • Declutter your desk so that you don't have any distractions there.
  • Switch off your phone for a day on the weekend and detox from technology
  • Allocate one day of the week to cleaning. I find that I look for opportunities to clean constantly and when I see something that needs cleaning, it immediately needs to get done before I feel like I can move onto something else. For me, it's a big distraction.
  • Slow down your evening with night rituals. Again, do these one at a time.
  • Have only one browser window open at a time when you are on the internet. I always find I have 20 windows open!

Source: http://www.jochunyan.com/blog/single-tasking-reminders


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