Cheetos Has A Fashion Line

Cheetos is branching out and has launched a new “snackwear” line for Easter on Betabrand, a clothing company and crowdfunding platform. Their fashions are pretty cheesy, but that’s just what they’re going for - all of their clothing is designed to solve problems people snacking on their crunchy orange treats commonly experience.

You can’t actually buy these clothes just yet, first you have to check them out and vote for your favorites. The winners will become crowd-sourced projects that have a shot at being produced.

Some of the apparel offered in their snackwear line includes:

  • Snacking Gloves - These are made to prevent orange, cheese dust coated fingers and they come as a set of three for each hand- so when one layer gets dirty, you pull it off and have a clean pair underneath. How fancy!
  • Snackspenders - Not only are they stylish, they come with tiny pockets to stash your snacks on the go.
  • The Easter Hiding Hat - It has purple flowers, so it’s pretty enough for the holiday, but it also has a secret compartment for - what else - storing snacks. So it’ll keep you from starving before brunch.
  • The Snackscot - You don’t see too many young men wearing silk ascots these days, but who wouldn’t want to sport this one from Cheetos, complete with a hiding pouch for your nibbles.
  • The Lapkins - What could be better than a pair of seersucker pants? Having some with detachable napkin panels on the front so you don’t get Cheetos crumbs on them!


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