Hannah's Headlines- 3/28/2017

Raiders Move To Las Vegas Approved

NFL team owners have voted to approve the Oakland Raiders plan to move to Las Vegas – in a 31-1 landslide. The vote came during the Annual League Meeting in Phoenix yesterday.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that while the league never wants to see the relocation of a franchise, there were issues with the stadium in Oakland. He said the league and the city of Oakland worked earnestly for more than a decade to find a viable option.

Goodell said it's necessary to provide certainty and stability for the Raiders and that he is disappointed for the fans in Oakland. Move approval aside, the Raiders won't move to Sin City until at least 2020, when their new domed stadium is expected to be complete.

Source: ESPN

Cheetos Has A Fashion Line

Cheetos is branching out and has launched a new “snackwear” line for Easter on Betabrand, a clothing company and crowdfunding platform. Their fashions are pretty cheesy, but that’s just what they’re going for - all of their clothing is designed to solve problems people snacking on their crunchy orange treats commonly experience.

You can’t actually buy these clothes just yet, first you have to check them out and vote for your favorites. The winners will become crowd-sourced projects that have a shot at being produced.

Some of the apparel offered in their snackwear line includes:

  • Snacking Gloves - These are made to prevent orange, cheese dust coated fingers and they come as a set of three for each hand- so when one layer gets dirty, you pull it off and have a clean pair underneath. How fancy!
  • Snackspenders - Not only are they stylish, they come with tiny pockets to stash your snacks on the go.
  • The Easter Hiding Hat - It has purple flowers, so it’s pretty enough for the holiday, but it also has a secret compartment for - what else - storing snacks. So it’ll keep you from starving before brunch.
  • The Snackscot - You don’t see too many young men wearing silk ascots these days, but who wouldn’t want to sport this one from Cheetos, complete with a hiding pouch for your nibbles.
  • The Lapkins - What could be better than a pair of seersucker pants? Having some with detachable napkin panels on the front so you don’t get Cheetos crumbs on them!


Today is Something On A Stick Day

March 28th is Something On A Stick Day! This is the day your “food on a stick” dreams are made of. And seriously, who doesn’t love relaxed finger food that you can pick up by the stick and eat? So whether it’s a corn dog, toffee apple, sausage, cheese cubes on a toothpick, ice cream bar, lollipop or other lovely treats, feel free to indulge in them on this day!

Wanna really live it up? How about a main course and dessert all on sticks? Easy, informal, and fun – and very little cleaning up to do afterwards! What a great theme for a dinner party!

Man Collects Torture Devices

You're probably going to want skip any and all dinner parties at Steve Santini's house. The Ontario, Canada man collects antique torture devices...and displays them around his house. 

What's more, some of his 220 items, including a guillotine, are being used as furniture. He's hoping his entire collection, which include whips, thumbscrews and finger presses, will land him a spot in  the Guinness World Record for most antique torture instruments owned by one person.

Sure, but it's not likely to get him any dates...priorities?

Source: Metro

Ever Wonder Who Unfollowed You On Facebook? Well Now You Can Find Out!

Unless you regularly monitor the friend count on your profile, you have no way of knowing when someone hits that “Unfriend” button. Enter Who Deleted Me, a Google Chrome and Firefox extension that checks your profile so you don’t have to. When you login with your Facebook account, the program saves your current friends list, then it rechecks the list whenever you click on the app and lets you know if there are any changes, i.e. when someone unfriends you. It also makes a distinction between those people and friends who just deactivated their accounts.

McDonald’s Sauces Hitting Supermarket Shelves

Fans of McDonald’s sauces are psyched to hear that the fast-food giant is bringing some of their favorite condiments to supermarket shelves. Indeed – you’ll soon be able to get the famous Big Mac Sauce, Filet-O-Fish sauce, and McChicken sauces at the grocery store - but only if you live in Canada. Wait what!? Yes.

While there’s no word on when the coveted toppings will make their way to grocery stores in the U.S., some folks are using their American ingenuity and snagging some second hand on eBay or hey, make friends with a Canadian and have ‘em send you some!

Source: Chewboom

Easter Candies You Forgot You Loved

Easter is still about a month away, but Easter candy is already on shelves. And there's way more to Easter candy than just Peeps. Here’s a reminder of the Easter candies you forgot you loved as a kid, and should totally stock up on for that perfect nostalgic Easter Sunday!

  • Starburst Jellybeans
  • Bubblegum Eggs
  • Bunny Peeps
  • Pastel M&Ms
  • Reese's Pieces Carrots
  • Reeses Easter Egg
  • Lindt Bunnies
  • Easter Pez
  • Cadbury Eggs
  • Whoppers Robin Eggs

Source: Seventeen

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