Wearing Makeup To The Gym Is The Latest Craze

I don’t know about you, but when I head to the gym the last thing I worry about is how I look, and I certainly won’t waste any time putting on a full face of makeup. But it turns out, more and more women, especially in New York, won’t head to that elliptical without first taking  the time to apply their concealer, mascara and more. 

With more people going to boutique fitness studios and shelling out big bucks for athleisure clothing, looking good at the gym is more important than ever. And folks’ obsession with taking selfies of themselves in the gym is adding to the craze of women making sure they aren’t caught without their makeup for that picture moment.

Not surprising, the popularity of gals wearing makeup to the gym has many cosmetics companies trying to corner the market on athleisure makeup, products that are designed to stay perfect even while you sweat and that prevent breakouts from clogged pores.

Just a few of the companies getting into workout makeup business include Birchbox, which offers a a sweat-proof mascara, a cooling cheek tint, and more; Sweat Cosmetics, which was founded by female soccer players and has a foundation with SPF that they promise doesn’t clog pores, and MAC, which has its very own workout collection containing lip and eye colors, although they say it isn’t made for workouts, rather inspired by the workout craze.

Source: New York Post

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