Hannah's Headlines- 3/31/2017

SpaceX Launches Used Rocket

SpaceX has made history by successfully launching a spaceflight from the same rocket used on two separate missions to orbit. The satellite was launched 22,000 miles into space, and the Falcon 9 rocket then returned to Earth and landed on a platform (known as a droneship) in the Atlantic Ocean.

This makes for the company's sixth successful landing on a seaborne platform.

The launch was a big step for SpaceX, who knows that recycling rockets is essential for driving down the cost of space travel. Because SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket costs about $62-million, using it more than once can drastically cut the cost of a single launch. 

Source: CNN Money

Facebook Is Getting Into The Fundraising Business

A social media giant is dipping its hand into another cookie jar.

Facebook is now competing with GoFundMe in the personal fundraising business. The social network says it will allow people 18-and-older to raise money for themselves or a friend under six categories. The categories include education, medical, pet medical, crisis relief, personal emergencies, and funeral and loss.

A spokesman says there will be a 24-hour fundraiser review process before a campaign is posted to protect against fraud. Only people with Facebook accounts will be able to contribute.

How much will it cost, though? Donations will see a transaction fee of 6.9%, plus 30 cents, per donation. The fee covers security and fraud protection, vetting and payment processing. By contrast, nonprofits pay a 5% fee.Source: CNN

Uber Driver Discovers Her Boyfriend Is Cheating When She Picks Up His Mistress

A Uber driver found out the hard way her boyfriend was cheating on her...by driving his mistress right to his front door. In case you missed it, the woman, who goes Msixelaa, tweeted the entire story, which has since gone viral. 

After saying goodbye her boyfriend, who claimed he was flying to New York to see his sick mother, Msixelaa started her shift as an Uber driver. She picked up an excited woman who said she was going to see her boyfriend for the first time in a while. When they showed up at the apartment complex, her boyfriend walked out and offered to help with the mistress' luggage. 

The driver says that's when "the devil rose up out of me" and her now ex-boyfriend started to run. At one point she started hitting him and the mistress tried to defend him and hit the original girlfriend. The scorned woman ended her story by confirming she drove off with the mistress' luggage and is now enjoying the single life. 

So far, Msixelaa's story has been shared hundreds of times and has earned her the nickname #UberBae. You can read the whole story HERE.

Source: The Sun 

Say Goodbye To This Cool Crayola Crayon Color

The brightest in the box of 24 is taking a bow.

Crayola is officially retiring its yellow Dandelion crayon. Before you are too crushed, the hue only debuted in 1990, so it isn’t one of the “classic” colors. The announcement was supposed to be made today, National Crayon Day, but someone spilled the beans on Twitter.

Crayola had advertised it would be retiring one color from its classic 24-pack today, but an e-mail sent yesterday by a Crayola marketing executive confirmed Dandelion will no longer be included in any of the company's products. The company plans to run a contest to allow fans to help name a replacement color which will be announced in May.

Source: NPR

Average Person Takes 25,000 Selfies In Lifetime

Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ this week and one of their talking points was a front facing camera. Big deal, right? Well it's a bigger deal any of us might think considering people take thousands of selfies in their lifetime.

Justin Denison, senior vice president of product strategy and marketing at Samsung revealed the statistic at the phone launch. Not convinced? Two years ago, a widely spread study found that people born after 1980 take over 25,000 selfies in a lifetime.


Source: Mashable

*LIST* New Food Emojis Coming This Summer

Get ready, Emojipedia has shared a list of potential new smartphone emoji that will be released this summer, and ten of them are food. So why do we need more food emoji? To help us express ourselves without actually saying anything, of course.

Here are the emoji coming our way next season:

Source: Orlando Weekly

Best of Craigslist- Chippewa Valley  

Snap Fitness Tuesday morning - m4m (Rice Lake)

You were on the stair master with pattern pajama pants. HMU if you're interested.

You paid special attention to me while I came out of my shell! 

During my hospital stay, you put in extra effort into helping me with my disease. You are extraordinary at what you do! I came to develop a deep crush on you! (beautiful bald head) Probably highly inappropriate, but I think that's your special ingredient in helping those who greatly need it! Thank-you!

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