A Man May Get To Marry His Computer

A federal judge is refusing to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a Utah man who seeks a license to marry his computer. The judge said last week that she will allow Chris Sevier to amend his lawsuit because she thinks there are issues that may need to be addressed by the court.

Even though she plans to give the man more time, the judge says it's doubtful he'll win because he can't show any real harm from not being allowed to marry his PC. The man who filed the lawsuit says it's a protest against the legalization of same-sex marriage.

And if you’re wondering about sex with such an unusual spouse? Sevier says "Whatever a person has sex with they can bond with," he said. "This is getting into nasty facts stuff, and the truth is that’s engaging in private intimacy matters, and that's completely irrelevant for the purposes of federal court, and it's completely irrelevant for the legal matters at hand."

Source: Fox 13

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