Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses Are A Thing

Just when you thought you'd seen it all... the toilet paper wedding dress becomes a thing. First it was beauty bloggers putting on their makeup with condoms, and then it was food bloggers making rainbow toast out of avocado. Now, it's fashionistas making wedding dresses out of good ole T-P.

Bridal toilet paper couture is definitely a thing – especially if you want to try and grab $10-grand. Quilted Northern is hosting their annual contest and if you're a frugal bride who wants to show off your creative chops all you have to do is enter by CLICKING HERE or HERE. The only catch? The only tools that can be utilized to create the gown are toilet paper, glue, tape, needles, and thread!

Quilted Northern is even offering some discounts to avoid high prices of creating the perfect toilet paper dress!

And while the grand prize is $10,000. Second place nabs $5000 and third place grabs $2500. All the finalists will be judged and a winner will be chosen in July.

Source: Bustle

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