Duels May Be Legal Again In Oregon

The duel may be making a comeback in Oregon. As of now, the state's constitution bans settling issues via duel in an amendment passed in 1845, almost 15 years before Oregon's statehood. Politicians in 2017 want to nix the ban and citizens may be the ones who get to ultimately decide.

Proponents of erasing the clause call it "an archaic rule that's unnecessary for obvious reasons in modern times." There's at least one person who doesn't want to change anything, though. "This resolution would allow the candidacies of persons who give or accept challenges to fight duels," attorney Dan Meek explains. "Also, there is a cost to removing obviously unenforced and unenforceable provisions in the Oregon Constitution, including the cost of processing and printing this resolution on millions of ballots and processing the results."

If the legislature approves the measure, Oregon voters will see it on the ballot in their next general election. 

Source: Associated Press

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