Hannah's Headlines-4/10/2017

Dead Bat Found In Salad Mix

Fresh Express has announced a recall of some of its prepackaged salad mixes after two people in Florida apparently found a dead bat in their greens. The pair had eaten a small portion of the product before finding the decomposed bat in a 5-ounce Spring Mix container.

The batch in question was distributed exclusively to Walmart stores in the Southeastern region of the U.S. Walmart has since pulled the product from its shelves. "Out of an abundance of caution," Fresh Express said in a statement, "all Organic Marketside Spring Mix salads from that production lot are subject to the recall."

Florida health officials, the FDA and the CDC have launched an investigation into the matter. According to the CDC, the Florida couple have reported that they're in good health.

Source: NPR

Man Gets A Ticket For Not Putting A Leash On His Snake

Jerry Kimball was minding his own business when he let his his four-month old Fire Bee Ball Python take a bathroom break in the grass at South Dakota's Falls Park. According to animal control, he was breaking the law. 

Kimball was given a $190-ticket for "animals running at large." “It was April Fool’s Day, so I thought he was playing a joke,” the snake owner explains. “They’re not fast creatures. They’re not going to run away.”

He says he was told by the animal control officer to put a leash on his snake, which Kimball points out doesn't make much sense. While Animal Control Supervisor Julie DeJong agrees a leash is pretty silly, she does think Kimball should consider some people may be afraid of snakes. To Kimball, that's all the more reason to take his pet outside. “That’s my purpose in life: To let people know that snakes aren’t killers,” he adds. “What better way to give back than to help people understand these misunderstood creatures.”

Source: Argus Leader

Today is National Siblings Day

April 10th is National Siblings Day! We celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day so why not Siblings Day? Siblings Day has been recognized in other parts of the world for thousands of years, and is an established holiday in Northern India and several South Asian countries, but only became an official U.S. holiday in 2008. So – if you can stop bickering for a few minutes – take some time to let your brothers and sisters know how much you love them today!

Men May Benefit From Drinking Red Wine-Heavy guys can actually rejuvenate some cells and ward off diabetes just by drinking wine.

A new study finds that red wine might help obese men hold off type 2 diabetes. Researchers in the Netherlands gave a small group of obese men a pill containing an ingredient found in red wine, peanuts, and grape skins. The researchers found that blood sugars and compounds that lead to diabetes all went down.

The men also showed improvement in how their muscles burned fat and it rejuvenated some cells. The study is published in the journal "Cell Metabolism."

Just think, you can almost be “bullet proof” health wise just by swigging wine, coffee, and beer if all the research is right!Source: Cell Metabolism

Peeps Take Center Stage In Washington, D.C.

A holiday marshmallow treat was celebrated this weekend.

The second annual World Peeps Eating Championship is in the books in Washington D.C. Thirteen competitive eaters battled it out for the title Saturday at National Harbor, nearly a week before Easter.

Reigning champ Matt Stonie broke his own record by cramming down 255 marshmallow treats in just five minutes. His previous record was 200 Peeps. The eating competition was a part of the National Harbor's Peeps Day Festivities.

The only bad news from the weekend was a local poll showed the favorite Easter candy of D.C. residents is Cadbury Eggs.Source: NBC Washington

Having A Dog Is Good For Your Baby’s Health

There are a lot of great reasons to have a dog, like they are adorable and they provide unconditional love, but according to a new study they are also good for your baby’s health.

While you may worry about how your baby and pooch will get along, a study out of the University of Alberta in Canada finds their germs can be good for your tot. It seems kids that live in a home with pets have a lower risk of getting allergies or being obese later in life because of the high levels of certain bacteria in the homes.

Having dogs in the house increases children’s exposure to two gut microbes, Ruminococcus and Oscillospira, in two ways, indirectly while the baby’s still in the womb, and directly from the pooch in the child’s first three months. Such early exposure to dirt and bacteria is believed to help boost a child’s immunity early in life.

Source: New York Daily News

Bride’s Entire Bridal Party Is Pregnant

We’ve all heard the stories of bridezillas who've kicked people out of their wedding party for gaining weight because of how they’d look in the photos, but one women is proving that a bridal party isn’t at all about the pictures, because every single one of her bridesmaids is actually pregnant, and she couldn’t be happier.

Heather Lundgren got engaged in December of 2105, and when she and her five bridesmaids went shopping for dresses in October, one of her bridesmaids shared her condition, and then later another did, and another and so on. “I knew pregnancy was a possibility for a few of them for sure,” Heather told The Huffington Post. “Not really a huge deal to me! Definitely didn’t think all five would be AND due within weeks of each other.”

Of course, the impending babies did make things difficult since some of the dresses had already been ordered but one thing that was never a concern to Heather was her actual wedding. “Their health is number one," the bride said. “Honestly, though, I am lucky. I have incredible friends who are agreeing to support me as much as they possibly can.” She adds, “The fact that backing out was never an option to any of them is a testament to who they are as people.”

Having five bridesmaids in their third trimester on her big day is bound to cause some stress, especially since two have due dates within the week of Heather’s June 10th wedding in Plymouth, Minnesota but Heather is taking it in stride. “This is so unique and such a lasting memory,” she says. “At the end of the day, I’m marrying my best friend with the people I love most there to witness it ― the rest is just details.” 

Source: The Huffington Post

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