Divorce Cakes Are A Real Thing

What's more exciting than a beautiful wedding cake? A divorce cake, of course!

What's more exciting than tying the knot you ask? Oh right, finally unknotting it and letting go of the rope and nothing quite says "I did, and now I don't" more than a sweet treat.

Remember when Khloé Kardashian celebrated her split from Lamar Odom with her name change cake? Kim Say, the owner of Adult Cakes by Kim, says that requests for divorce cakes are on the rise.

One of her clients was divorcing a musician so she "got a bunch of [little plastic] guitars and then I broke them in half and I threw them all over the cake." What's more? One of Say's clients is a divorce lawyer who orders several divorce cakes per year for his clients.

Source: Reifnery29

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