First, A Bat In Bagged Salad, Now A Live Scorpion In Bagged Spinach!

The other day, some folks found a dead bat in their bagged salad. Now, a couple in Chevy Chase, Maryland says they found a LIVE scorpion in their bagged spinach. All was well until Sri Sindhusha Boddapati was making lunch.

“I saw something inside the bag crawling,” she explains. “I thought it was a cricket in the beginning, and then I noticed when it was [in] the bottle that it is a scorpion.” She was able to capture the scorpion in a water bottle, recorded video on her cellphone and sent it to her husband. Her husband came home, and took the bottled critter to the store, but says he was essentially ignored.

So he went to a local television station – and the store reacted. “Customer satisfaction is our highest priority,” the Giant supermarket chain says in a statement. “We regret any inconvenience to our customer. We take the quality of our products very seriously, and we are following up with the supplier to take every step to ensure this isolated incident does not occur in the future.”

Source: NBC Washington

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