Hannah's Headline- 4/14/2017

Saturn's Moon Holds Almost All Elements Needed To Sustain Life

NASA Researchers have discovered hydrogen gas emitting in plumes from the surface of Saturn's moon, Enceladus. Why does that matter? For us earthlings, hydrogen serves as a food source for microbes, which sets the base for our complex ecosystem. In short, there's a supply list essential to sustaining life, and Saturn's racking them up.

Though researchers want to make sure the emphasize they did not find evidence of life itself on Saturn's moon, the hydrogen gas they did find spurting Enceladus's surface is pretty significant. 

With the new discovery, Saturn has nearly every item on the list of supplies essential to life, says Hunter Waite of the Southwestern Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. “Water’s there – check. Organics are in the plume – check. Now we have a chemical source of energy for food – check,” Waite said.

  • Sulfur and phosphorus — two chemicals essential to living organisms — have not been confirmed on planet Saturn. Regardless of that, Waite claims “Enceladus is rising to the top of habitable places that exist in the solar system.”

Source: USA Today

Feeling Down? Sad Music Can Help!

If you're feeling blue, you might want to give listening to sad music a try. According to a recent study published in “Scientific Reports,” crying to a sad song actually gives pleasure to the listener!

Maybe you've gone through a breakup and need some Adele in your life, or you just want to listen to a girl anthem about revenge from Beyoncé. Whatever it is, letting out your emotions through sad music might actually help you get out of your bad mood!

According to “Science of Us”: "Think of it as a pick-me-up and a stress reliever in one simple step.So, yeah, lean in to that mood and chances are it will go away faster than if you ignored it outright!


Today is Good Friday

This year, April 14th is Good Friday! Good Friday, also known as "Holy Friday," is the Friday immediately preceding Easter Sunday and is considered the cap of one of the most solemn remembrances for Christians. Good Friday is celebrated traditionally as the day on which Jesus was crucified and concludes Holy Week. This observance commemorates Christ's entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and is followed by his Last Supper along with his Apostles on Maundy (or Holy) Thursday and then, he was crucified on what is referred to as Good Friday.

But then, as the Christian community has mourned the death of the Son of God, it is also celebrated by one of the most joyful holidays: Easter Sunday. This, of course, honors and remembers the day that Christ is believed to have risen from the dead.

Would You Get a Haircut With an Axe?

Hipsters often channel Paul Bunyan—the flannels, the beard, the nonconventional pet (à la Babe the Blue Ox). But there’s looking lumbersexual, and there’s literally using an axe in place of a straight razor. Some bold men prefer the latter.

The latest trend in weird grooming is to have a barber cut your hair with an axe and hammer, or use the wood-chopping tool to shave your face. We hope that barber has steady hands.

The practice actually dates back the '30s and ‘40s, when axe salesmen would demonstrate the quality of their wares by shaving a lucky or unlucky logger in front of a crowd of potential buyers. Today, Youtube users have replaced the crowd of loggers, such as this dude who used a straight up meat cleaver to give his client—we’ll admit—a pretty decent fade.

Still, that’s what people use to butcher chickens. Are you trying to take off a few inches—or your head? Even more savage, this guy couldn’t even be bothered to wipe off the axe and use any product. You do not win our grooming awards, Youtube user BeeBop Thimbeldorp.

If you still want your own axe haircut, Mike Saurus from Instructables detailed the process in an online guide and video below.

Link: http://www.menshealth.com/style/men-shaving-haircut-axe-grooming-trend

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