Which Gross Food Would You Choose?

In a not-so-serious poll, Buzzfeed asks readers which of these very gross food choices they’d rather eat. Warning: none of these are appealing, but if you had to pick one, which would it be?

Would you rather…eat pasta with ketchup or carrots with Nutella?

  • Not surprisingly, more people chose pasta with ketchup. It won with 55%.

Would you rather…eat ice cream with ketchup or banana with ketchup?

  • Neither of these seems any better than the other, but 56% of readers voted for banana with ketchup.

Would you rather…eat cereal with orange juice or a bowl of olives or a bowl of olives for breakfast?

  • For the most important meal of the day, 55% of readers would rather go with cereal and juice.

Would you rather…eat cereal with squirty cheese or cheese Fritos with Sprite?

  • There are no winners here, but cereal with squirty cheese came in first with 53% of the votes.

Would you rather…eat tuna and peanut butter on toast or a ham and banana sandwich?

  • Because we’re all gagging a little at the thought of a tuna and peanut butter combo, it makes sense that a ham and banana sammy won by a landslide with 73% of votes.

Would you rather…eat steak with banana and ketchup, or tuna, banana, and ice cream?

  • What is it with all the banana and ketchup questions? Since the idea of tuna and bananas makes us feel queasy, are you surprised at all that 71% picked steak and banana? Nope.

Would you rather…eat a ham and mayonnaise cake or peaches on canned meat, like tuna?

  • More readers chose the peaches on canned meat, but it was close 53% to 47%.

Source: Buzzfeed

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