Woman Tries to Revive Pigeon With CPR in Scotland

A student in Scotland captured video of a unique event on a Glasgow street: a woman attempting to revive a pigeon with CPR.

Twitter user @charlismyname, aka Charlotte, posted a video to the microblogging site Tuesday showing a woman on a Glasgow street performing rescue breaths and chest compressions on a collapsed pigeon.

The woman pauses as if waiting to see if the bird will begin to breathe on its own, but instead its head simply flops to the side.

"Meanwhile in Glasgow... #pigeonCPR" Charlotte wrote.

She said the story, sadly, did not have a happy ending.

"Omg just seen the same pigeon being eaten by a seagull...." she tweeted later.

Link: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/04/19/Woman-tries-to-revive-pigeon-with-CPR-in-Scotland/4611492609090/

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