Hannah's Headlines- 4/24/2017

Hash Browns Recalled Because Of Golf Ball Contamination

Frozen hash browns are being recalled because packages may contain parts of golf balls. Two-pound bags of McCain Foods' Roundy's and Harris Teeter brands hash browns are the ones being recalled because they could be contaminated with "extraneous golf ball materials." The taters were manufactured on January 19, 2017 and the production code on the back of the bag is: B170119

The recall notice warns that such material could pose a choking hazard or could cause other injuries. The hash browns were sold in were sold in nine states and Washington, DC. Those states were Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia and Maryland.

How could this have happened? McCain Foods USA's says the golf balls apparently were "inadvertently harvested" along with the potatoes and chopped up.

Source: FDA

Female Astronaut Is A Record Breaker

With one trip to the space station, a female astronaut has broken two barriers and some records.

NASA's Peggy Whitson is on her 535th day in space, more than any other American astronaut. The first woman to command the International Space Station, the 57-year-old Whitson is also the oldest woman to have gone to space.

Experience has proven Whitson to be a resilient space explorer. During re-entry following her second mission in 2008, her Soyuez capsule experienced a technical glitch, sending it hurtling into a violent dive and exposing the crew to forces eight times more powerful than the earth's gravity for more than a minute.

She plans to speak with President Trump today upon breaking the record. She's scheduled to return to Earth in September with over 660 days at the ISS under her belt.Source: ABC News

Today is National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day

April 24th is National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day! This delicious finger food is popular with kids and cocktail party guests all across the world. In fact, there are many different cultures that have their own unique twist on this comfort food classic.

In the United Kingdom, pigs-in-a-blanket are small sausages wrapped in bacon. People traditionally serve them as Christmas dinner appetizers. In Israel, kids enjoy Moshe Ba'Teiva (Moses in the Ark), which are miniature hot dogs rolled in a ketchup-covered puff pastry and baked in the oven. In the United States, pigs-in-a-blanket are hot dogs or Vienna sausages or lil mini Kielbasas wrapped in biscuit or croissant dough and baked until golden brown. Yum.

Today is Pet Parents Day

April 24th is Pet Parents Day! On this day we celebrate what it means to be a pet parent, from the trials of potty training to remembering those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

This unique relationship, which can often last for many years, is often a vital part of the ‘pet parents’ life. Their loved pets are considered to be a member of the family.

The irony? National Pet Parents Day was created Founded by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in 2007, in the hopes that their policyholders would consider their pets as part of their family.

Do You Know How To Handle Common Chores? Most Don't.

While for some people there are certain household tasks that seem so easy even a child could do it, you’d be surprised at how many people are ill-equipped to do simple things on their own.

In case you missed it, a new UK survey, which could easily translate here finds that about 20% of people have no idea how to change a light bulb. If that’s not crazy enough, another 20% don’t know how to boil an egg either.

And those aren’t the only household talks that people are clueless about. Only 50% of people know how to get stains out from their clothes or a carpet, while only 37% can change a flat tire. Meanwhile, about 31% of people say they can’t cook a meal without a recipe, while 34% of people admit they can’t read a map, 35% can’t sew on a button and 43% don’t know how to change a diaper.

So, how do all of these people get by doing these things? Well, 50% of people say they’ve learned their DIY skills by trial and error, while 45% of adults have learned to do things from their dads, and 35% learned from their moms. Of course, the computer is also pretty helpful, with about 40% of those under 25 saying they learned their skills thanks to the Internet.

Source: StudyFinds.org

Newest dating term: Sapiosexual

You might be a sapiosexual if you're attracted to smart people and value intelligence over looks. Sapiosexual isn't just a buzzy word popping up on people's OkCupid profiles, it's a real thing. I’ve never met a girl who was like this but then again I’m no genius.

Blue Wine Is Coming Soon

Can’t decide between a glass of red or white? How about blue? That’s right, blue wine is making its way to the USA soon, shaking up everything we know about vino. Gik is making their blue vino in Spain now, but they're crossing the Atlantic to bring it to us soon.

The bright blue wine is made from a mixture of red and white grapes and it’s classified as a “chilled, sweet wine.” While we don’t know how it tastes yet, we can already see it being a big hit on Instagram this summer. A bottle of red, white, and blue for the fourth of July, anyone?

The idea of the blue stuff came to the people at Gik because they were tired of the wine culture where people “care more about what they’ve learned about wine” than they do about just enjoying a glass of it.

“We are not vintners. We are creators,” Gik’s site reads. “So we sought the most traditional and closed minded industry out there. Once having selected the wine industry as our battlefield, we set about creating a radically different product, changing the color to a vibrant blue and making the wine sweeter and easier to drink.”

Gik’s blue wine is still only in pre-order here in the U.S., and it sells for $16 a bottle. But fingers crossed it’s here in time to enjoy this summer. Rosé is so last year.

Source: Best Products

New Site Seeks To Match Humans With Their Perfect Pets

There’s no doubt getting a dog is a huge commitment, so finding the pooch that’s right for you is key, but let’s face it, it isn’t always easy. While that dog in the pound may look like the cutest thing on the planet, they may not be the right one for you, no matter how hard you try to make it work. Just like finding the right match in your love life, there’s a lot that goes into finding the perfect four-legged friend match, and a new service is here to help.

How I Met My Dog seeks match humans with dogs based on things like personality, lifestyle and behavior. The service, which is partnered with 24 Boston-area shelters and rescues, but plans to roll out nationally by the end of the year, works similar to dating sites like Match or eHarmony, and asks users detailed, science-based questions that aims to figure out exactly which dogs an adopter should meet. The site also helps people find homes for dogs they can’t care for anymore. 

Those interested in finding their perfect pet mate fill out a “PET Profile,” which reveals what they’re looking for in a pooch, like whether they want a pet that’s good with children, or if they’re a laid back owner. Meanwhile, shelter staff or current owners create profiles for the dogs looking for homes. The site then matches adopters with dogs and its up to the humans to visit the dogs in person, with the adopter or shelter making the final decision on whether the match is a perfect one. 

Source: New York Post

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