Hannah's Headlines- 4/25/2017

Instagram: Yesterday's Outage; What Are Shadowbans?

Instagrammers the world were melting down when we tried to log on yesterday and were shut down for about an hour – and it wasn’t just the site, the app was dead, too! The ‘Gram won’t say what caused it – but at least it was just an hour. And hey, we always have Snapchat in a crisis, right?

But there’s more to consider on the Instagram trip. Ever heard of “shadowbanning?” It’s when Instagram hides your posts from being seen within certain hashtag searches. So if you use hashtags to promote your posts, they may not be showing up in a search for that tag. The horror!

Some reasons your posts may be shadowbanned include using bots to gain followers, using too many of the same hashtag, or using a banned hashtag. What to do? There’s a website that allows you to search your username and find out which of your posts have been shadowbanned (Find it HERE).

Source: TechCrunch

Today is World Penguin Day

April 25th is World Penguin Day! Why this date? It coincides with the annual northward migration of penguins, which happens each year on or around April 25th. And this migration is a challenge, as penguins do not fly – they walk, or waddle their way to and from their destination.

So why not take the opportunity to learn about these cool critters. Of course, you don't have to wait until World Penguin Day to do so, but there’s no BETTER day than today to do it!

Today is National Zucchini Bread Day

April 25th is National Zucchini Bread Day! Zucchini bread is a delicious type of quick bread that is sweet and moist. The primary ingredient in zucchini bread is – you guessed it – zucchinis, but you can also add various other ingredients. Try some dried cranberries, orange zest, or cinnamon to spice things up. Many chefs agree that zucchini bread is a great recipe for beginner cooks because it is so easy to make.

As for the veg that we usually know and love, zucchini is actually a small summer squash? Usually yellow or light green in color, they’re shaped like a cucumber – with an extra little noogie on the end..

You can steam it, fry it, bread it, or grill it, it’s great when grilled or incorporated into stir-fry dishes. Any way you cook zucchini, it's healthy and delicious!

Today is National Mani Pedi Day

April 25th is National Mani Pedi Day! Finally, a day off! Well, sort of. At least that’s what it feels like when you get a mani pedi. We have no idea who created this holiday or why, but it’s pretty easy to figure out how to celebrate – go get one! No time? Why not give a gift of a mani pedi to someone you dig?

*LIST* Things You Should Avoid Saying When Meeting Someone For The First Time

Everyone likes to make a good first impression, and that’s especially true when introducing yourself to someone at work, or maybe to a potential client. But all too often people, especially when nervous, will let something stupid come out of their mouths, and it’s often hard to ever get past that. 

Well, next time you’re in that situation, it’s smart to remember a few things you should never ever say to a person you’re just meeting and they’ll likely help keep you from leaving a lasting impressing that you wish you could erase.

Among the things you shouldn’t say when meeting someone new (click here for the complete list):

  • “I hate this company” or “My boss is a jerk” - If you’re trying to put your best foot forward, negativity is never helpful. It’s bound to ruin a person’s first impression of you, and plus, there’s nothing they could do about it. If you have a real complaint, take it to someone in HR. 
  • “How much money do you make?” – Salary is something people don’t usually like to talk about so you’re bound to turn someone off if you’re direct enough to come right out and ask.
  • “I’m sorry to be a bother” - If you’re already sorry about something you haven’t done yet that’s not good, and if you feel that way why would you go ahead and do it. Instead, say something like “excuse me, do you have a moment?” 
  • “What do you think of our President?” – Politics on the first meeting is never a good idea. Nobody needs to get into an emotionally charged conversation right off the bat. 
  • “When is your baby due?” – While it may seem like a nice question, what happens if the person isn’t actually pregnant? There’s really no going back from such an insult. 
  • “Did you hear…?” – It’s never good to be tagged as the office gossip, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you start sharing info you probably shouldn’t be. 
  • “I love your dress” – It may seem innocent enough, but it’s best to avoid comments on a person’s personal appearance or belongings. If you really want to give a compliment, try giving them praise about the work they’re doing.
  • “I’m so beat” – Letting someone know you’re tired isn’t going to help you. Instead, try and project a high energy when meeting someone for the first time. 
  • “You're cooler/prettier/nicer than I thought you'd be” – This makes you sound like you had low expectations of the meeting, which could translate as an insult. 
  • “I…I…I” – Such self-absorption is bound to be a turn off. Instead, try showing sincere interest in others.

Source: Business Insider

For 16 Years, People Legitimately Thought Ketchup Was Medicine

If you ever have a headache, bad cough, or pain in your neck just reach for your ketchup bottle.

Just kidding, that's a terrible idea, but there was a time when people thought Ketchup had healing components, according to Fast Company.

When Dr. John Cook Bennett created a recipe for tomato ketchup in 1834, he advertised it as a medicine that cured you of diarrhea, jaundice, indigestion, and rheumatism. He even made the ketchup into pills, which made it seem even more legit.

We've all eaten ketchup, and know that's clearly all nonsense, but until 1850, people were flocking to ketchup to cure their ills.

The reason this scam eventually ended was because imitators started making their own bootleg ketchup medicine, making even crazier claims, saying it'd cure scurvy and mended bones, and people eventually started calling bullshit.

Tomatoes do carry antioxidants and vitamin C, but don't expect to chug a bottle of ketchup and feel like a million bucks after. Trust me.

Pop The Bubbly! Champagne Is Good For You!

If you like a glass of bubbly, but only save it for special occasions, here’s some good news: champagne is actually good for your health! Research shows that drinking sparkling wine responsibly has a lot of health benefits. But don’t get excessive and down a bottle in a night, remember kids – all these perks come from drinking responsibly.

  • It's good for your memory - Research shows the Phenolic acid in champagne has been linked to increased memory functions, and can help with spatial awareness.
  • It's good for your heart - Champagne not only relaxes you, it can relax your blood vessels too, reducing high blood pressure, and it could even help reduce the risk of clots.
  • It's good for your sex life - That ability to relax blood vessels and “increase blood flow” helps keep all parts working as they should, plus a glass of bubbly helps people relax and get in the mood.
  • It's lower in calories than other alcohol - Champs has around 90 to 100 calories a glass, fewer than an average glass of wine.
  • It's packed with antioxidants - And those help our bodies get rid of waste products called free radicals and keep our immune systems healthy.

Source: Fox News

Cruise Ship Living Isn’t As Pricey As You Think

Getting a chance to go on a cruise vacation seems like a luxury for most people, but did you know there are people who actually live on cruise ships for most of the year? Well, if that sound great to you, you’ll be happy to know the cost of year-round cruising isn’t as expensive as you think, and in some cases it's pretty affordable.

According to experts it isn’t impossible to book trips that would cost you about $100 a day, and considering that includes lodging, food and entertainment, that’s not too shabby. That comes out to about $3,000 a month which can be the cost of rent or mortgages in some cities. And in some cases you may be able to get trips that average even less, between $50 and $75, which is about the same as the cost of a senior independent living facility, which is making retirement on a cruise ship sound even better right?

  • And then there are the perks. Folks who travel a lot with the same cruise line can rack up loyalty points which translate into upgrades and perks, like free laundry, or maybe a meal at a specialty restaurant, some of which could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Of course, cruise ship living isn’t ideal for everyone, especially retirees who seem to be the perfect candidate for such an arrangement. Health concerns may be what’s keeping some folks from committing to such year-long trips, since it’s probably a better option for those who are in peak health, since doctors visits aren’t exactly easy. Didn’t “The Love Boat” always have a ship’s doctor?

Source: New York Post

15 Things That Happen When You’re In Your in Your 30’s

YOU NOTICE YOUR FIRST GRAY HAIRS.A few years ago, you would find a few stray grays and pluck them out. Now, if you let your tweezers do the job you would practically be bald. Good thing you found a good colorist and she’s on speed dial. And just think, in a few short years, the hair down there will start to turn, too.YOU START GETTING RANDOM HAIRS.As if the grays weren’t enough to deal with, now you have random follicles sprouting up on your chin, neck, and oh yes, even your boobs.HANGOVERS.Remember when you were 25 and would get stupid drunk and brag the next day how you don’t get hangovers? Well, all that changed the day you turned 30, but instead of being strung out for a day, now you need a full weekend to recover.EVERYTHING YOU DO INVOLVES WINE.You retired your beer bong and only take shots at bachelorette parties, but you’ve seriously stepped up your wine game. But really you’re just paying attention to your health, because duh, red wine cures cancer.YOU FORGET YOU ARE NO LONGER IN YOUR 20S.That is, until you see a 20-something strutting around in a crop top and then oh yeah, you remembered.YOUR METABOLISM STOPPED WORKING.You have at least 30 more years until you can retire, but your metabolism didn’t get the memo. She decided she put in enough work through your college days and decided to bail. Now you can’t even eat a carrot without gaining weight.YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM DID, TOO.Hello, heartburn and acid reflux and goodbye Taco Tuesdays. Now instead of carrying a bottle of wine in your purse for emergencies, you carry around a Costco sized bottle of Tums. Okay, who are we kidding? You just bought a bigger purse.ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ARE MARRIED.And the few that aren’t are desperately trying to be. In fact, the only time you see most of your friends nowadays is at their weddings, showers, christenings, children’s birthday parties, etc. But it’s cool, maybe this year you’ll have a party for your dog.YOU GAVE UP ON GOING OUT.Because, Netflix! And because you have no one to go out with. And because you worked all week and you’re tired. And because you have nothing to wear. Remember when you used to have going out clothes? Now there are work clothes and there are yoga pants, and given the choice, yoga pants always win.YOU DON’T STAY OUT LATE.Remember when you used to pull all-nighters like it ain’t no thing? Now you’re lucky to make it until midnight. But really you’re just finally deciding to listen to your mother, who told you nothing good ever happens after 2am.YOU’RE LOSING YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE.Roller coasters used to be fun, but now, they’re just a recipe for motion sickness, and the reality that there is only one small metal bar between you and death. Plus, engaging in any activity that isn’t a part of your daily routine will result in body aches for days to comeTHINGS AREN’T AS FUN AS THEY USED TO BE.You used to love going to festivals, but now you see them for what they really are: hot, dirty, overpriced sh*t shows. You’ll still go because you aren’t ready to give up on life quite yet, but you’ll be miserable most of the time.YOU HAVE MONEY.Things aren’t all bad, because you’re saving a lot of money by never doing anything, plus you’re actually making a respectable living now. Instead of blowing your cash on impulse items, you’re saving for big ticket items like that sleep number bed you’ve been wanting for years, but bought the Givenchy heels instead.BIRTHDAYS ARE THE WORST DAYS.You can’t eat the cake anymore (see #6) and when you try to rage like you did at your 25th birthday party, you end up missing a week of work.YOU FEEL OLD.How can you simultaneously feel too old for everything yet somehow still not quite feel like an adult? Welcome to 30, where you never thought you could be so happy being so lame.

Link: http://www.bolde.com/15-things-that-happen-when-youre-in-your-30s/

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