Shirtless Toddler on Splash Pad Sparks Debate

A mother says an employee made her put a shirt on her 3-year-old daughter while she played on the splash pad at Town Square. It's sparked a huge debate on whether or not female toddlers should be treated the same as male toddlers when it comes to what they're wearing.

Gwen Buckles said her 3-year-old daughter was playing on the splash pad in her clothes. She went up to her mom and said she was cold and asked if she could take her wet shirt off. Gwen thought nothing of it and allowed her daughter to take off her wet shirt. A few minutes later, an employee approached Gwen telling her it’s policy that all girls must wear some sort of top.

“I said well what about my son and she said no well little boys are fine to run around without their tops. I looked at her and I said she's three and she's cold,” Gwen said.

She says she put the wet shirt back on her toddler and went to management. A sign outside of the splash pad says, “swim diapers are required.” However, management sent her a revised list of rules that also adds, “proper swim attire.”

“Afterward I'm like 'why did I just put my daughter into a cold wet shirt, but my son is playing without his shirt on just the same as she was? It's ridiculous,’’’ Gwen said.


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