Hannah's Headlines- 5/2/2017

Finland Goes Big With A Thousand Pack Of Beer-Now you can celebrate the weekend in Finland by kicking back and popping open a cold thousand-pack of beer.A Finnish brewery is offering a thousand-pack of their Keisari Lager, apparently in an attempt to one-up a rival brewer who just started selling a measly one hundred-pack. The one-thousand pack costs more than 23-hundred bucks and it's not clear how the thirsty buyer is getting it home.Photo published for Finnish Brewery Unveils 1,000-Packs of Beer

Source: Grub Street

"Sheeple" Is An Actual Word

Well, it’s official! In case you missed it, Merriam-Webster has added the word “sheeple” to the dictionary. What does it mean? According to M-W, “sheeple” are people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced, “like sheep.” Used in a sentence here:

“Apple's debuted a battery case for the juice-sucking iPhone—an ungainly lumpy case the sheeple will happily shell out $99 for.”

Sounds a liiiiittle offensive, right? Maybe so…but is it true?

Source: NPR

Today is National Truffle Day

May 2nd is National Truffle Day! Some say that the chocolate truffle was invented by a man named Louis Dufour in Chambery, France in 1895. The Prestat Chocolate Shop in London opened a few years later by Antoine Dufour, it is believed to have been responsible for popularizing chocolate truffles in England.

The first chocolate truffles recipe appeared in the 1920s. Today we have three main versions of the original recipe — American, European and Swiss. Each has a slightly different twist, but they all include a creamy ganache filling and topping like coconut, or drizzled chocolate. So delicious! Quick fun fact, Roald Dahl, the author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” was a huge fan of Prestat truffles. Can you blame him?

Tomorrow is National Teacher Day

May 3rd is National Teacher Day! he National Education Association describes National Teacher Day as day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.”

Let’s face it, teachers play a critical role in educating and shaping our children – and too often, they do it without the backup of parents. They are hard-working, dedicated professionals that mold our children’s lives in a positive direction.

So what better day than this to say thank you to the special teachers that you know. Let them know that they are appreciated for all that they do.

Should Rich Boyfriends Pay The Rent?

New York Mag’s Charlotte Cowles delves into the world of paying rent when your significant other makes more money than you. The situation is this: Sylvia makes a teacher’s salary while her boyfriend works in real estate and has a healthy family inheritance. So do they get the nicer apartment and have him pay more or split down the middle and get a smaller place?

Cowles offers this remedy: compare what the two of you make and pay your ratio. So if one of you makes $20k and the other makes $80k, split the rent 80/20. There are still other expenses to think about, though. It may be better to split other things 50/50, so you don’t feel like you’re freeloading all the time. Hell yeah! But Cowles says that communication is the best remedy to any financial situation with your boo.

Source: NY Mag

Why Hugging More Is Good For You

If you aren’t very touchy feely, you might want to practice. Science is now backing up how great hugging is for you.

From the time we are born we are hugged. As adults, though, we tend to shy away from “exuberant” displays of affection. Now it’s time to think of your overall health before what people may say. Here is why you should hug more:

  • It helps loosen tight muscles. Chronically tense? Hug someone.
  • It relieves stress. No brainer!
  • It boosts your immune system. Combined with the lack of tension and stress, someone being hugged also feels emotionally supported. It all adds up.
  • Hugging lowers heart problem risks. The more you hug, the lower your heart rate maintains itself. Plus you produce less of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • It’s a pain reliever. You release endorphins when hugging and that blocks pain.Source: Bustle


In honor of teachers and their hard work, we’re giving all educators BUY-ONE/GET-ONE FREE BURRITOS, BOWLS, SALADS, OR ORDERS OF TACOS. Teachers, faculty, and staff: bring in your school ID to any Chipotle in the U.S. on Tuesday May 2nd from 3pm-close and we’ll hook you up.Limit one free entree item per teacher customer with the purchase of an entree item of equal or greater value. For in-restaurant orders only; offer not valid for on-line, mobile, fax, Burritos by the Box or catering. Valid only on Tues, May 2nd, 2017 between 3pm local time and close with teacher customer’s valid school ID. Redemption is subject to availability. May not be combined with other coupons, promotions, or special offers. Offer valid at U.S. locations only. Additional restrictions may apply; void where prohibited.Valid ID includes: ID or other documentation from preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, community college, or university identifying as faculty or staff, or home school ID card.

Flower Shop Owner Accused of Stealing Plants from Cemetery

Police say a flower shop owner stole plants and other items from graves at a New Jersey cemetery for months.

Capt. Christopher DePuyt says police installed surveillance cameras at the First Reformed Church Cemetery in Pequannock Township after two plants disappeared from the mausoleum and replacement plants were stolen two days later.

He says the cameras caught a woman in a minivan taking the plants and Riverdale officers recognized her as a former police dispatcher and current flower shop owner.

Authorities charged 59-year-old Lynda Wingate, of Riverdale, with the disorderly person's offense of theft of moveable property.

DePuyt says Wingate claimed she was cleaning up old flowers from graves of people she knew, but he says that isn't the case.

Link: https://www.yahoo.com/news/flower-shop-owner-accused-stealing-plants-cemetery-170459030.html

McDonald’s Introduces The Frork

As McDonald’s is getting ready to roll out their new menu this week, they’ve also introduced a new utensil: the frork. In an “infauxmercial” hosted by everyone’s favorite pitchman Anthony Sullivan, we see this new tool - which looks like a regular fork but the tines are replaced by french fries.

The frork is the device we’ll need to keep your fingers clean as we enjoy the super saucy new Signature Crafted Recipe Sandwiches Mickey D’s will have, which include toppings like:

  • Pico Guacamole
  • Sweet BBQ Bacon
  • And Maple Bacon Dijon

“When savoring these recipes, there’s a hitch you just can’t ditch: The topping dropping,” Sullivan says in the infomercial parody“This is a real problem. Wait, sorry is this a real problem? Probably not, but good news we solved it anyway.”

Get your “supremely superfluous” frork while supplies last at participating restaurants this Friday, May 5th when you buy one of their new sandwiches. Are you loving it?

Source: Fox News


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