When your partner makes more than you, experts say this is how you should handle expenses.

New York Mag’s Charlotte Cowles delves into the world of paying rent when your significant other makes more money than you. The situation is this: Sylvia makes a teacher’s salary while her boyfriend works in real estate and has a healthy family inheritance. So do they get the nicer apartment and have him pay more or split down the middle and get a smaller place?

Cowles offers this remedy: compare what the two of you make and pay your ratio. So if one of you makes $20k and the other makes $80k, split the rent 80/20. There are still other expenses to think about, though. It may be better to split other things 50/50, so you don’t feel like you’re freeloading all the time. Hell yeah! But Cowles says that communication is the best remedy to any financial situation with your boo.

Source: NY Mag

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