Think You Pay A Lot For A Latte? Here’s What They Cost In Russia

Coffee lovers often complain about the high prices at Starbucks, but we really have it pretty good here in the U.S. According to a sort of “Latte Index” created by the ValuePenguin research company, the average price of a latte in Russia is $12.32. And that’s just for a tall!

Value Penguin used their Latte Index to rank Starbucks prices in 44 countries around the world, and while Russia tops the list, lattes are still expensive in Southeast Asia, where they average $8. And the good old USA is way down at the bottom with Canada and the UK. The average price for us is just $2.75. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

So why is Starbucks so expensive in other places? Value Penguin’s Consumer Content Editor Paul Reynolds thinks it’s because Starbucks is such a luxury in these countries. Just keep that in mind when you’re groaning about how much you’re spending on coffee. It could be much worse!

Source: Marketwatch


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