French Law Requires Doctor's Note From Models

Think models are too skinny? France is cracking down on the industry with a new law that'll require models to have a doctor's note affirming they're healthy before walking the runway. And get this - any failure to comply can result in a fine equivalent to 75-thousand bucks. 

The new law, which went into effect on Saturday, also requires that all print and online photos carry a disclaimer if they have been retouched in any way. It's all part of the nation's effort to protect models against an "unrealistic ideal of the female body."

  • This new law isn't a total shock. An earlier version of the law also made it an offense (punishable by up to a year in jail) to glorify anorexia, citing thousands of websites claiming to offer beauty tips to girls as young as twelve, which include starving themselves to create stick legs and a yawning “thigh gap.”

Source: The Telegraph


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