Eyebrow Injections Are A Thing Now

The thick brow trend is still popular and some women who don’t have them naturally just aren’t satisfied with gels or powders to help get the look. Some are actually getting eyebrow injections as a hair growth treatment for sparse and spotty brows.

So what exactly are they having injected? According to Dr. Gary Goldenberg, eyebrow injections - also known as PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections are a cosmetic procedure that can boost hair growth. They use your own blood, put it in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP, and then shoot it into the problem area using a needle. And since the stuff came from your own body, Goldberg says it’s a “fairly safe” treatment - there’s always a risk of infection with an injection, but it’s low.

There are growth factors and nutrients in the PRP injections that are supposed to stimulate dormant or damaged hair follicles and give you thicker bushier brows. So how long does it take? Well, that varies from person to person, but Dr. John Diaz says if you don’t see results in two to four months, you should get another PRP injection because it can take multiple treatments before you get ideal results.

The eyebrow injections are a good option for anyone who’s got thin brows because of a history of over plucking or waxing. And that would be many of us who overdid it with the tweezers in the 90s. The recovery isn’t supposed to be bad either - just 24 hours of rest from physical activity and maybe some redness or a little swelling at the injection site. But if this all sounds a little too extreme for some bushy brows, you can stick to gels and powders and skip the needles.

Source: Byrdie


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