Hannah's Headlines- 5/9/2017

School System Tests Blocking Social Media-A school system is trying to reduce distraction by restricting wi-fi.

Four schools in Madison, Wisconsin are placing new restrictions on student access to social media. The pilot program at two high schools and two middle schools will run through the end of the year. The schools have shut down free WI-FI access to apps including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The program is designed to test whether student behavior, school safety and grades improve with fewer online distractions. Results including comparison behavior data and feedback from students, staff and families will be analyzed soon after for possible use in crafting a districtwide policy.

Parents have also been asked to reduce their childrens’ access at home during the test run.Source: Madison.com

Officers Offer To Check Meth For Gluten-Sometimes all it takes is a simple ploy to trap criminals. 

The Tecumseh police department in Oklahoma had a clever idea to get drug users to come to them.  They placed a post on Facebook offering to check residents' meth for gluten. 

“Please bring your meth to the Tecumseh Police Department for your FREE test,” the notice read. It's been shared over 400 times, with many Facebook users amused by the brilliance.

“Gluten is bad for everyone,” Facebook user Amy Britt commented. “Nice and helpful TPD. Always good to watch those that warn their friends too.”

Source: New York Post

Today is National Butterscotch Brownie Day

May 9th is National Butterscotch Brownie Day! Sunday is National Butterscotch Brownie Day! Butterscotch brownies, also known as “blondies,” are delicious baked goodies that date back to the 19th century. Recipes for these soft, chewy bars most likely evolved from medieval gingerbread cake recipes. In fact, butterscotch brownies were around for almost a hundred years before chocolate brownies became popular!

To make butterscotch brownies, you need flour, baking powder, salt, butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, and butterscotch. Popular add-in ingredients include walnuts, pecans, butterscotch pieces, chocolate chips, Nutella, banana, or cranberries. You can also choose to add a topping like chocolate Irish cream frosting or drizzled caramel. Yum!

Today is Lost Sock Memorial Day

May 9th is Lost Sock Memorial Day! For every load of laundry you sort through, there are odd socks. Over time, you may even find that you end up with entire drawers and storage boxes filled with odd socks.

But worry not! Lost Sock Memorial Day is all about commemorating the other (lost) halves of the pairs of socks, which are still with us. Wanna honor their memory? Those spare socks can be reused (put a tennis ball inside with a knot to make a simple dog chew-toy, slip it on your hand for a duster, polish your shoes, or soak it into soapy water for use as a car-cleaning rag – and hello, sock puppets, anyone?)

Can use them all? You can donate the orphan socks.

6 Places You Never Knew You Could Catch an STI

  1. Lip balm

There are two types of herpes: simplex type 1 (oral) and simplex type 2 (genital)and both can be spread via direct contact. If someone who has oral herpes uses lip balm near an infected area, or uses it too soon after oral sex, they can spread the virus. Luckily, STIs can't exist for very long on inanimate objects, but the key takeaway here is that it's probably not a good idea to share lip balm with friends or family. Oh, and stay away from tester items in makeup stores.

  1. Beards

They may be in fashion, but beards can be the perfect breeding ground for germs, causing fungal infections and the aforementioned herpes - they can even carry pubic lice. Thick beards can also hide symptoms of a skin issue that isn't related to the beard itself. If you do have a beard, it's best to take grooming seriously and keep on top of hygiene.

  1. Waxing

For many women, a regular bikini wax is part of their beauty regime. What they may not know is that they could catch an infection if the waxers aren't being safe. For example, if waxers 'double-dip' into wax with the same stick, they may be spreading an STI. As well as this, research has shown that the action of removing pubic hair can cause 'deficits in the mucocutaneous barrier' - the skin's membrane - allowing viruses or bacteria to enter the body. And it seems that the risk is especially high when it comes to Brazilian waxes - the full removal of hair can leave people more vulnerable to small cuts and tears to the skin, making it easier to pick up an infection.

  1. Tanning beds

Thinking about tanning inside this summer? You may want to think twice. Believe it or not the ultraviolet light doesn't kill off bacteria – in fact, overexposure means it could become resistant. Staphylococcus bacteria, which can cause skin infections, fecal bacteria, the herpes virus and the human papillomavirus (HPV), are all able to withstand the heat of a sunbed. It's then possible for infection to transfer to another sunbed user, entering the body via a small cut in the skin. Perhaps you should go for the self-tanning option instead.

  1. Tattoos or piercings

If you decide to get a tattoo or piercing, you should be aware that there's a risk of contracting an STI. Needles can easily carry Hepatitis B or C – or even HIV – if the instruments aren't thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Most shops will have the necessary hygiene measures in place, but it's still very important that you do your own research and ask the staff about their safety policies.

  1. Dry humping

It's possible to catch the herpes virus if you are doing skin-to-skin dry humping - even though there's no penetration or bodily fluids involved. This is because infectious material from warts (HPV) and other viral or bacterial infection could be present. The risk of transmission depends on the amount of infection someone has and if there are cuts in the skin. Dry humping with clothes on could be a better option.

If you feel alarmed after this article, don't be. The chances you'll catch and STI from any of the above are minimal. However, it's always better to be safe than sorry and understanding the risks can empower you to make the right choices.

Link: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a9616990/places-catch-sti-without-sex/

New Firework Oreos Are Here

Oreo has been crazy with the flavors recently - we’ve got Cinnamon Bun, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Pie, and Swedish Fish. What could possibly be next? Turns out the answer is Firework Oreos! These Oreos are like the original flavor, but infused with popping candy inside (kind of like Pop Rocks).

Not only are they announcing this new flavor, but you could be the creator of the next new flavor as well with the #MyOreoCreation contest. Now you can post on Instagram or Twitter explaining your best Oreo Creation using the hashtag, and the flavor you create just might end up in stores next year!

SourceElite Daily

Curse While Working Out For Better Results

For all the potty-mouth people out there who curse their way through tough workouts, keep on letting those F-bombs fly. Because according to psychologists, swearing makes you stronger!

The benefits of letting the profanities fly was proven in a series of experiments with people who repeated a swear word or a neutral word while they pedaled away on an exercise bike or did a hand-grip test. And the people who cursed on the bike challenge boosted their peak power by 24 watts, while the swearers doing the grip test had their strength increase by more than four and a half pounds (4.629).

“We’re not telling people something they don’t already know, but we’re verifying that in a systematic and objective way,” explains researcher Richard Stephens. “I think people instinctively reach for swear words when they hurt themselves and when they’re looking for an extra boost in performance.”

So if you’re naturally inclined to shout out some four-letter words while you’re pushing through your sweat sesh, don’t stop now. Research shows that could be the edge you need to reach your fitness goals.

Source: Moneyish

Eyebrow Injections Are A Thing Now

The thick brow trend is still popular and some women who don’t have them naturally just aren’t satisfied with gels or powders to help get the look. Some are actually getting eyebrow injections as a hair growth treatment for sparse and spotty brows.

So what exactly are they having injected? According to Dr. Gary Goldenberg, eyebrow injections - also known as PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections are a cosmetic procedure that can boost hair growth. They use your own blood, put it in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP, and then shoot it into the problem area using a needle. And since the stuff came from your own body, Goldberg says it’s a “fairly safe” treatment - there’s always a risk of infection with an injection, but it’s low.

There are growth factors and nutrients in the PRP injections that are supposed to stimulate dormant or damaged hair follicles and give you thicker bushier brows. So how long does it take? Well, that varies from person to person, but Dr. John Diaz says if you don’t see results in two to four months, you should get another PRP injection because it can take multiple treatments before you get ideal results.

The eyebrow injections are a good option for anyone who’s got thin brows because of a history of over plucking or waxing. And that would be many of us who overdid it with the tweezers in the 90s. The recovery isn’t supposed to be bad either - just 24 hours of rest from physical activity and maybe some redness or a little swelling at the injection site. But if this all sounds a little too extreme for some bushy brows, you can stick to gels and powders and skip the needles.

Source: Byrdie

Man Has Eel Removed From Body After Prank Went Wrong and It Swam Up His Anus

This story might make you feel a little unwell, but imagine how uncomfortable it must be for the guy on the operating table.

He got an eel stuck in his backside as a result of a prank gone wrong. Initially it was believed the eel may have been inserted for sexual kicks, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

His friends allegedly inserted the Asian swamp eel into his backside but then it swam into his body and disappeared.

Images and video footage from the Second People’s Hospital of Yibin, south west China show medics having found the animal inside the man’s body using an endoscope.

After having cut him open, they then remove the eel by slowly lifting it out of him, astonishing the nurses and other staff inside the operating theatre.

The eel even appears to be still alive, twitching as the doctor removes it using a pair of forceps.

The man is now recovering from the operation and is not expected to suffer any long-terms injuries as a result of the prank gone horribly wrong.

Link: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/08/man-has-eel-removed-from-body-after-inserting-it-for


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