Man Has Eel Removed From Body After Prank Went Wrong and It Swam Up His Anus

This story might make you feel a little unwell, but imagine how uncomfortable it must be for the guy on the operating table.

He got an eel stuck in his backside as a result of a prank gone wrong. Initially it was believed the eel may have been inserted for sexual kicks, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

His friends allegedly inserted the Asian swamp eel into his backside but then it swam into his body and disappeared.

Images and video footage from the Second People’s Hospital of Yibin, south west China show medics having found the animal inside the man’s body using an endoscope.

After having cut him open, they then remove the eel by slowly lifting it out of him, astonishing the nurses and other staff inside the operating theatre.

The eel even appears to be still alive, twitching as the doctor removes it using a pair of forceps.

The man is now recovering from the operation and is not expected to suffer any long-terms injuries as a result of the prank gone horribly wrong.



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