Survey Reveals Which Accents Men And Women Think Are The Sexiest

A survey from a travel dating service found asked both men and women, which accents they find the sexiest, and their responses are very different.

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Let's be honest, one of the best things about travel is hearing a local say your name. Chreese. Braud. Davige. Jo-well. Sigh...

Movies have long taken advantage of the sexy exotic accent to delight, and turn on its viewers. But which accent is the sexiest?

If you were to ask me point black, I'd probably guess guys would say French accents — I mean, it's the language of love. Or maybe Swedish, because blonde.

But according to a survey done by a service that hooks up travelers looking for love, those two sexy accents don't rank in the top 3 for men.

The survey asked 1,164 American men the accents the find the hottest and here's what they said:

  1. Israeli
  2. Colombian
  3. Australian
  4. French
  5. Southern

No offense Israel, but I'm pretty shocked by this, especially cause it's such a small country. But hey, they've got that Mediterranean beach vibe thing going on.

Also kind of shocked by Colombian at #2. Not because saying the word 'papi' isn't the sexiest thing ever (I'm joking, sort of), but because I can't believe most American guys can distinguish a Colombian accent from, say, a Venezuelan or Mexican accent.

For women, the results get a lot more Game of Thrones-y. According to the 1,423 U.S. women surveyed, getting asked out for a cuppa tea will make them drop their pants on the spot.

  1. British
  2. Scottish
  3. Spanish
  4. Australian
  5. Southern

The fact that Southern, presumably Southern U.S, gets a shoutout for both men and women must make the people there happy. Good for them. Down Under also gets a nod by both sexes.



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