Delta Airlines Testing Self-Service Bag Machines With Facial Recognition

These days it seems like we are constantly waiting in line at the airport, and there are some that just don’t seem to make sense. Who has ever wondered why it’s taking 30 minutes for the people in front of you simply to drop off their checked baggage? Well, Delta has decided to do something about it.

The airline is now testing self-service bag machines. The company has installed four of them at Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport, which will allow customers to securely check their own bags as quickly as possible. Now, while this may sound like a security issue, since there’s nobody there checking who is dropping off the luggage, there will also be a machine with facial recognition technology that will match customers with their passport photos through identification verification.

So, when will these great new innovations be coming to your airport? Well, before that can happen the airline first will look at customer feedback from the trial and also analyze whether the machines actually improve customer experience. Based on studies, it looks as though these self-service drops could get twice as many customers through the process per hour. 

Source: Delta 


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